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A man with a clipboard in hand at my front door was very persistent.

If only it were this easy, just to PUT A DO NOT SOLICIT sign on the front door!

I hate it when I am watching television and relaxing only to be interrupted by a man at the front door, knocking, wearing a business outfit and carrying in his hand a clip board with a list of names and addresses on it. Especially when I am in no mood for it.

I never opened the storm door, only opened the door to see who was at our front door. He was telling me something that would actually require that I fully open up the front storm door to understand exactly what he was peddling or selling or whatever. I told him I was not interested and he asked me to repeat what I said as he couldn't understand me. I told him to please leave and slammed the front door. I did not feel too well after this and my wife was upset.

I could have acted more diplomatically but yesterday was a bad day for both of us and we only wanted to be left alone to just watch soaps and do leisurely things in our home. The knocking on the front door was unfamiliar to me as I am able to detect if it is someone I actually know who visits us regularly who has a distinctive knock style.

The thing is, only a few months ago, an effort by another door to door salesman came knocking and said he was with Green Mountain Energy or some such thing saying we were spending too much on our electricity bill because TXU energy charged an additional fee just for us to be using the so-called SMART METER. Yea, right!

The man at our door said he was representing ONCOR, which are the people who do line work and repairs on the streets and such but TXU energy is who we pay each month to get our electricity.

I really think that I need to buy us a No Solicitation sign and place it where they can read it so we do not have any further interruptions. The thing is, when I am out I can deal with salesmen but when I am at my home, I do not desire such things and rightly so. I imagine most will agree that door to door sales people are quite a bother. And I did not like getting angry but I just hate it when people try to get us to change our utility provider at the door. If they had any real good intentions why didn't they either send us something in the snail mail box? I mean, I can read in peace without the pressure and confrontation of a stranger forcing his wares on me at any time of day.

Maybe I need a course in anger management. Oh well, I will eventually get over it. I guess.

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MegL wrote on January 5, 2018, 3:29 AM

Type a notice on your computer and stick it up on the door. I can't be bothered with them either. Don't wait to buy a notice, many of those are too small. There are some good examples of notices on the net, including knes that say, local police notified of harassment or similar.