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Just One Year for 12 issues of a good magazine from Amazon, not the digital edition, but the real paper magazine

My wife got a 25 dollar Amazon gift card. So she asked me if I could order her a year of CBS SOAPS and I went online to Amazon Prime to add that 25 dollars on the gift card to my account and found that the digital edition was about that much but the paper magazine for a year was about 16 dollars more, so I hit the ADD TO MY CART button.

She will be enjoying the 12 months of one of her favorite TV Soaps magazines and give the mail carrier something to do for a living.

Do you prefer paper magazines rather than digital editions?

I personally enjoy the magazines that have the beautiful and colorful pages in glossy paper myself.

The thing that I enjoy most is having a new magazine right in my mail box. Our mail box, and being able to set it on the coffee table and browse at my leisure.

A doctor who I once mowed his lawn for his business property actually subscribed to over 50 different magazines that were all current and sitting all over the tables in the patient waiting area.

His name was Dr. Lu. He was the doctor who fixed a broken finger years ago, when I was pushed off my front porch by a person who I will not ever mention for telling him to remove himself from our house. He was 21 and trying to date our daughter of 13 years. I asked him politely to leave and when I walked out the door to the front porch that person forcefully pushed me off the front porch and I fell off but grabbed a rail to try to prevent my fall and broke my right ring finger right into.

When I mowed that doctor's lawn, he had not only a front and back area and shrubs to trim and edge and such, he had about just under half an acre lot in the back that was covered with grass and served absolutely no purpose but because that lot was paid for I was instructed to mow it all as well. It took 2 tanks of gasoline in the push lawn mower and a few hours to complete. I was paid about 30 dollars for the entire property and it took practically 4 to 5 hours to do all the work.

Would I do this again? No. I would not. I could not endure it. Once during the summer, I cut that field with a push mower when it was over 100 degrees with no clouds in the sky at all and only a baseball cap on my head and sunglasses for the glare of the bright sunlight. I always drank plenty of water. It was a very hard job for me. But I was glad to do it because the money came in handy for buying clothes and shoes that my parents could not afford to buy for me. I sometimes spent the money I earned by mowing that man's lawn on books. That was my best investment at the time.

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MegL wrote on December 26, 2017, 12:29 PM

That was some size of lawn to cut. That person you asked to leave assaulted you.

Kasman wrote on December 26, 2017, 6:13 PM

I much prefer actual hold-in-your-hand paper books, magazines and newspapers. Digital is fine but it has its limitations not the least of which is battery life and if you can't recharge for whatever reason then it's useless.