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The Tiny Terror And The Elevator

The Tiny Terror On Holiday

For the week before Christmas, the tiny terror and her family went on holiday somewhere nice and warm. They had a great time in the sea and the water park, in warm sunny weather. They stayed in an hotel, on the 6th floor, with lifts (elevators) to take guests up and down. I had thought that now she was three and a half, she was calming down, though I always keep a close eye on her, even now. When they came back, her mother told me of the great fright she had given them.

The Hotel Lift / Elevator

The tiny terror's mother had warned her not to get in the hotel lift unless her mother or father was right beside her because she had noticed that the lift doors closed very quickly but of course, as usual, the wee terror didn't take any notice. One evening, she skipped straight into the lift and before her mother or father could reach her, the lift doors had closed and the lift had moved off. Of course, there was great panic. Her mother, who is 7 months pregnant, started running down the stairs. She made it before the lift(!) but when it arrived, it was empty!

Top Floor

There was even more panic now. The elevators also went up to the 8th floor, which had a roof garden and of course, just a railing before the big drop. There was more than one lift and the tiny terror's sister (5 years old) arrived alone in the next one and then their father down the stairs (he had a bad back). The tiny terror's mother started walking back up the stairs, leaving the father to stay on the ground floor, in case that terror arrived down alone, to stop her going out into the traffic.

Third Floor

Luckily, her mother only had to climb to the third floor, where she found her wandering around, crying. Presumably, the lift had been called to the third floor, where the tiny terror had got out, when someone got in. For the rest of the holiday, she stayed well away from the lift, not attempting to get in unless her mummy or daddy was right beside her.

Mucky Pup

Daddy took each girl out in turn during each evening, to give mummy a rest. When big sister arrived back, she was as clean as when she had left but the tiny terror was always covered in muck from head to toe. She jumped in every puddle she could find along the road. So while she didn't get in lifts alone again, it didn't get her to completely turn over a new leaf!

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Kasman wrote on December 28, 2017, 11:21 AM

You really do need to be on your toes when young children are concerned. Perhaps the Tiny Terror has finally learned her lesson!

MegL wrote on December 28, 2017, 5:12 PM

I would like to think she has learned a lesson but I cannot be sure!