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LIving in a Virtual World by A. P. Davis 2017, 12.03.

It is like life in a virtual world when I click on TheSims4 and Origin starts and the game begins. I am greeted by the Origin program. I open up TheSims4 in Windows 7 and begin to create a new Sim.

I try to make my Sims a bit like myself, with added features like a mustache, blonde hair, instead of gray-white which is the color of mine. I try to make them creative with a love of art and music and enthusiasm about the out doors. I travel within the Sims world of make believe and create a realistic virtual house for each of them. It is like, me being alive in their world, for a while, as I try to get my Sim to learn to write stories on the computer, paint pictures on an easel for painting masterpieces or just pop art or realistic or abstract art. I get the Sim to go out looking for rocks to dig up and find rare foot prints or rocks of some real value. They seem to progress rather fast as I allow them sometimes to do a few things on their own, then I have to take over to direct their path in virtual life to learn more, interact more with other Sims and it becomes a complex game of story telling from a virtual Sim's point of view.

I have always enjoyed pretend games. As a child I would pretend with my younger brother, to travel through time, in the past or into the future, and we had lots of fun doing this. We would call ourselves, The Time Boys and we would also travel to exotic places in the world and pretend to be able to interact with invisible characters or we would become the characters from the other lands of places we only could dream of visiting both on the Earth and the planet Kazim, where The Space Boys would go to a world where the atmosphere was not good to breath and the ground was hot in places from molten lava.

I guess part of my personality stems from having used my imagination because I grew up no different. I still like to watch fiction movies and science fiction movies as well as who done its.

Don't we all tend to drift off into never never land, of the imagination, to escape the humdrum of daily concrete life? I know I do. So this is just a little bit more about me, who I am and how I look at the world. A place to play. A place to learn, and a place to share stories with everyone and learn from others in a positive and refreshing way.

I sometimes escape to a fantasy world but I also live in the real world and in that world, I try to be as good a person as I can by not swearing, not giving into anger and being at my best behavior so others will remember me in a good light. Because, you never know when your number will come up and well, we all still have time left for self improvement but have some fun while we're at it.

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Kasman wrote on December 3, 2017, 8:28 PM

I was never a big game enthusiast. Mario was about my limit but I do understand how it could become exciting and even addictive when it is possible to disappear into a world of our own making. Actually, I find real life exciting enough!

MegL wrote on December 4, 2017, 1:58 AM

I didn't know about that game. It sounds good but I am not going to try it because it sounds like one I could get addicted to. My children had "lemmings" many years ago and I used to creep up to their room after they were asleep to try and save the lemmings until the wee small hours. Not good for sleep patterns!

Secre wrote on December 5, 2017, 4:43 AM

I enjoy a variety of video games but I do tend to prefer fantasy ones that propel you out of the real world!