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Cooking Show Polarization

There are many things I find unsuitable to watch on television. Cooking should not be one of them. But I'm experiencing a degree of distaste when it comes to cooking shows. It's because they are becoming ever more polarized. How so? More and more they appeal to either the overly-fussy "palate cleansing" set of gourmands or to Joe Junkfood, the guy who wants a huge blob of calories with little redeeming value.

The shows that suggest they push taste, quality, and so forth delight in mixing odd-ball, half-cooked, but expensive ingredients call themselves " culinary experts". Sea urchin, gold foil, and underground mold? Oh, yeah. Experts. And it has to be cooked halfway, almost never done. Why not bite an animal on the hoof? It's got to have a smear on the plate, and funny bits of greenery and it must be colorful and organized like a painting to be edible to them. Otherwise, they will throw the food in a trash can. Yes, even though millions starve.

Perhaps in response, you have all sorts of weird-looking people who want the most oversized slop burger or other food items tossed on a plate that they lift and proceed to eat without any matters or even care what their eating habits look like to others. It makes a person want to go anorexic. And these kinds of cooking and eating are becoming ever more prevalent on the planet.

Whatever happened to cooking for Susie Normal or Robert Sensible? I suppose the kind of food they eat doesn't rate a show on TV. It would be considered too boring and not avant-garde.

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MegL wrote on November 8, 2017, 8:04 AM

Love your writing on this. So true and very funny. I am tempted to write Susie Normal's cookbook! Today's lunch was a tin of tuna, mixed with chopped onion and salad cream (my husband's preference. I prefer mayonnaise) shared between us and hard boiled eggs and fresh tomato with wholemeal bread and butter. Tonight's dinner has already been made, by my husband, and is left over chicken from last night's dinner, mixed with mushrooms and red pepper and a commercial sauce. It will be served with pasta. The chicken carcass is already in the slow cooker producing chicken stock and that will be used for soup or possibly a dhal.

VinceSummers wrote on November 8, 2017, 8:09 AM

There is also Yuppie food. Another day for that one!