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If you lost your laptop or your desktop PC was taken, whould you be able to find it?

When I log into Windows 10, a symbol that is a circle with a dot in the middle appears for a few seconds on my task bar for applications that are loading initially at startup. When moving the mouse cursor over the target symbol, a message reads as follows: Your location is currently in use and that seems to disappear almost within seconds.

What does this do to help me find the location of my laptop or my PC desktop? Nothing I would guess. Maybe it's there so HS can find me. I don't really know.

When I once again click on The Sims 4, Origin initiates before The Sims 4 opens or about the same time and just before this, that target icon appears then disappears once more. So far as I can tell, neither of these instances seem to help me any to find my PC or lost laptop if missing or stolen.

but there has to be a way to locate my computer or mobile device by using some kind of app on another mobile or computer device but what kind of app would that be exactly?

So I found a link to a site that lists 7 new apps that help do this for you. But it might just be a better thing to simply keep your laptop in a place that is safe and secure and not take it along for the ride. But for long trips and leaving home with house locked up and surveillance system working, cameras on and alarms all set and a large doberman in the house, there might be a better thing to do than that, keep your PC stored away like it was your most treasured possession, in a fire proof safe, with an under ground in a cement lined storage. If you don't have such then at least remove the externals and place all them and the software in a safe.

This so you can go back home after a trip on a jet and back, knowing that in spite of the security system and dog, you had one extra safe way of keeping your personal computer out of the hands of a cat burglar. Yea, it can easily be replaced but all the time and money spent on backups and discs and external hard drives as well as software and peripherals, you know it is best to have basically a cement lined steel entrance with coffee machine in the form of a PANIC ROOM. This will do more than just keep your high end stuff safe while you are out on business, it will be there in case of a bad storm, a nuclear exchange, or just to keep your Java cool and dry.

7 Laptop Theft Recovering Software with GPS Location Tracking and SpyCam


look at this article to find out more

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MegL wrote on September 21, 2017, 4:36 PM

You can activate a tracking system in Windows 10 . This link shows you how: