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Getting ready to have a new drywall ceiling in living room next month.

The only thing that makes me upset is the fact that the last contractors bid one price then after finishing the job wanted double pay for the work.

And the other thing that bothers me is ... well, there are some heavy objects in that living room area that might pose an obstacle to the workers who carry out the work on our drywall ceiling.

It might cost about 800 dollars, more or less to have them remove the ceiling fan-light fixture and cap off the exposed electrical wires, then bust all that drywall and tear it all down. Then there is that very large heavy duty massive entertainment cabinet that we keep our 40 foot wide Digital TV, along with surround sound system, 6 speakers, a VCR, DVR, DVD and Blu Ray player, all linked together by either speaker wire, input-output cables and a coaxial cable going into the TV via the DVR from the roof top antenna.

I will have to get bright label tape and a black Sharpie pen, label all the wires and make sure when I disconnect everything I can put back everything exactly right. because there are many settings for the surround sound system. The DVD uses Video input 1 and outputs to the amplifier via the RCA plug wires that connect via the DVD input. The DVR connects into the TV via RCA cable to HDMI -1 and so forth and so on.

The tedium of doing this is what I hate most.

The cabinet is housing several hundred DVD and VHS movies that will have to temporarily be stored in banker's boxes, which I will have to purchase at Office Depot . They come 4 per package and tear out and fold into lids and boxes to store basically, 8.5 X 11 inch hanging file folders for office storage but they work well to store DVDs and other things needed for storage and they are easy to lift with the two slots at each end of the box, pre-cut into them. Fellowes manufacturing makes these types of banker's boxes. Some banker's boxes sell for a very high amount of money. The ones I want are no longer sold. They used to come in a 6 pack. Now they only come in a 4 pack. I will not buy them online because they cost less if I go to either Walmart or Office Depot to check the current cost of them.

They will have to tape and bed the ceiling and we will be responsible for painting and then cleaning the floor and putting back the furniture. That process is what I dread most.

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MegL wrote on September 21, 2017, 2:34 PM

We generally get a quote for a job, then we know that is what it will cost, not an extra arm and a leg. Use your camera to photograph where the wires go. Label them as well but photos help.