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I get more interactions over the telephone than with social media and don't get paid to just talk.

The other site I write at pays for interactions, but doesn't actually pay for a post.

It was brought up in a recent discussion there. It was like, wow. I thought about this myself, a lot. People want to think of that site as a get paid to write site but no it actually is a get paid to write if someone else comments and likes it and gets the discussion rolling.

I know people enjoy getting a few dollars each month for their work.

It is not a casual thing to post hundreds of articles or discussions only to get paid 5 bucks a month. It seems to be keeping the site running so I figure somebody at the top is getting paid if for nothing more than to keep the site running and to keep the writers happy enough to stick with their writing.

I have friends who never read what I write on any of those sites.

Yes, I have members of my own family and friends who never take time to read what I post at any site. But they seem to like calling me on the phone a lot. Why is this? I asked a friend recently to please record your guitar music with your brother and he just won't do this. He doesn't realize that I actually remember and kind of miss those days in the past when he and I used to just get together and he played his guitar and I beat on an upside down trash can or poked on the keys of the piano to get a bit of music on tape. So, he don't want me to hear his jam sessions and don't want to really know what I write that much on the internet. I don't go over to see him because our car is old and in bad condition and I don't like freeway traffic.

Telephone calls from a friend is more real

so, no I don't get paid to talk to my friends on the phone, but I enjoy it when we talk. I think some people are just not very trusting of computers or the internet because of all the hacking that goes on and the viruses we all get warned about and such. The telephone still is the basic form of communication with a friend of mine and myself. If not for that landline phone of ours, I would probably never hear from him ever again. Or perhaps he might just pop over for a visit? Nah. I doubt it.

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MegL wrote on September 20, 2017, 1:42 AM

Most of my friends are seldom on the internet, they hardly even check their email, maybe once a week and they don't know what I am talking about! Some use Facebook, but none of my physical friends use the internet as much as me.