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When the dangers of treatment become worse than the disease itself many of us worry about this possibilty

The big 'C' - something we all dread with a passion but pray NOT ME and go through life as if we had not a care in the world, but hearing about people who were treated for cancer and suffered pain and anguish and eventually died one might ask the following question:

"Did the treatment for his cancer shorten his life? Might he have lived longer if he had just rode it out without it?"

No way to be certain. But it is my understanding that anything is worth a try to keep one alive.

There is a good article I just read that I think you might want to look at below, from a link about this issue of and some of the reasons behind the feelings we all have about it:


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MegL wrote on September 6, 2017, 2:50 AM

That's very true. By the way, is the image credit correct? It takes me to the same article as you linked to but I don't see that image there.