By in Random

A Play on Words part 3

Silence flew above at night

Fear lay sleeping on a bed of down,

while courage took a long walk.

Anger burned hot in the fireplace bright

Sorrow rained God's tears on the earth,

Down onto an ocean of forgotten dreams.

And as the darkness fell, like a heavy blanket,

Hope awoke to the light of a new day, to the sound of screams,

which were people praying for hope and strength and courage.

Strength looked upon the land and thought

Man seems content with the things that he bought,

Death was sitting in a dark room, in a corner, waiting

But Life turned on the lights and opened up the doors.

Death no more. Life abundant!

Fear woke up from his troubled sleep and hope carried him away.

Image Credit » pen icon by Anthony Davis, author of this post.

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MegL wrote on September 4, 2017, 2:33 PM

Interesting poem. I especially like the last bit with death sitting in the dark but life opening the doors and turning on the light.

lookatdesktop wrote on September 4, 2017, 6:04 PM

I thought it was.