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The news is all about the Texas Floods but the commercials are all about the commercials

It's impossible to turn the channel on the television set and not see some news footage about the floodings in Texas. It's ironic that the commercials are out of touch with reality. The thing I want to see change in the near future for television as well as internet television and cable television is that the relevance of commercials should be the focus of change in mass media, not a tendency to be just as non relevant as possible and both random and misleading.

The news reports come in as they happen. This is a sign of the times. We get more late breaking news today than ever before. With the new News apps we can get up to the minute up to date news coverage around the clock, 24/7.

But the thing that needs to be done to make it better in my opinion, IMO - is this:

Make commercials relevant to the subject of the news and make it relevant to the audience that will be watching the news. The Nelson ratings are just ratings. I am a television watcher from as far back as age 2. I am one person who has adapted to watching all types of television shows of just about all subjects. I do not just watch my favorite shows or my favorite channels from broadcast to cable to internet. I am a person who has spent their entire life watching as many television shows as possible. I once had 6 VCRs . I would program in all of my shows on each and every one and each and every VCR had a tuner and I could program in all 6 VCRs to record live television broadcasts using a single coax cable from the roof top antenna.

Nowdays we have the DVR which only records one channel at a time but allows us to watch a second television broadcast show at the same time on a different channel while recording in real time another channel to watch later.

The internet offers all kinds of television. There is YouTube Red, YouTube TV, Live TV with Hulu and watch your favorite movies and shows on Amazon Prime. There is also Red Box that rents movies by the day. There is Netflix that mails you movies and there is U-Verse TV and other things available so no one no where has an excuse not to watch t.v. TV Television, Live Streaming, archived media, then there are extras you can pay extra for like as mentioned before, YouTube Red, YouTube TV, Hulu without commercials for extra each month in auto payments as you choose.

You can see that in spite of all of these choices, the one single thing they all have in common are those random and non-relevant commercials that either insult your intelligence or annoy you and make you want them to go away as fast as possible. The ads that are second in line, which follow you all over the internet, called Ad-Sense or what have you, are always popping up on all the sites you visit and it can be so annoying that it is frankly a turnoff. I have actually stopped watching Hulu at times just because I hate the ads but of course I could pay more to opt to get to watch things without those ads or rather, commercials, which I am sure most people would rather not watch.

In fact, ads are so distracting and non-relevant to the subjects of people's discussions online that people use the pop-up-blockers and add-blockers-Plus add-ons in their browsers and turn the volume down or off while engaged in social media just so they can concentrate on simply reading articles and commenting.

So, with television as well as any form of entertainment that involves watching a movie or a show or a video, it's the ads and the commercials that are the real problem. They are the money making mind bending and emotional motivators that are used to basically control a person to spend more of their money that sometimes they do not even have, to buy buy buy, consume, consume, consume. It is well known that this has been going on since I was an infant watching Captain Kangaroo. Casper the Friendly Ghost, My Three Sons, Father Knows Best and even re-runs of shows like I Love Lucy and even now, the television shows I watch on KERA via PBS have advertising. I just enjoyed another episode of the new season of Inspector Lynley Mysteries and in spite of the fact it was a one and a half hour episode with no commercials it did start of with SPONSORED BY: followed by attributions to contributors to Public Broadcasting AND viewers like you ... THANK YOU.

The relevance of Public Television is obvious and focused and I actually find PBS and KERA superior to all other stations. I will probably join the Curiosity Stream people by getting on board and getting signed up with them for a certain monthly fee no doubt. TED is another I really think is a wonderful thing to look at. After a lifetime of watching television and now going into the realm of social media and streaming videos I am quite the fan of YouTube and may well join YouTube Red and have that monthly bill to look at every month. But the thing is, with choices in who you go to online or turn to on cable or whatever, you have some choices, although we still are going to have to deal with those ads, commercials and such no matter where we go to find entertainment from television and internet.

But the main thing that would make it better is for the people behind these companies that provide us with 24/7 entertainment, is to focus on relevant ads and relevant commercials that don't dumb us down to a lesser IQ or sate of having to either ignore the commercials, ad-block sites, or mute the volume level on the television and computer just to avoid the noise they give or we can just be patient with every ad or advertisement and let it fill our heads with it until we get to the point we are simply numbed and dumbed down by all of it.

The bottom line is, I hate ads and I hate commercials but realize this is the source of revenue as well as mind control that the corporations depend on to keep the masses inline and spending their money to make the rich get richer and the poor stay in poverty.

Many people tell me, "I don't watch television." This is a fact. There are many people who hate television so much they avoid it like the plague. People like me, who watch a lot of t.v. don't care about admitting to watching television 24/7. We know it's mostly a waste of time but we for some reason have grown up with it for so many years that we tend to think it is normal to watch it. But those who are outside the box, looking in, think that people who watch television all the time are mindless zombies. I am not a zombie but I know that watching too much television can dull the mind and un-motivate a person to the point of being kind of zombie like.

I actually envy those who say, "I do not watch t.v." I also here them add this, "I am too busy at my profession to have time to waste on television." - that said, stop and think, "Could it be that I am one of those people who need to stop watching it and find a greater purpose for my life?" If you have to ask yourself this question then you will never get outside that box. I am one who knows I am living in a virtual box but have been a bit too comfortable with it to self-motivate myself to get off my habit of spending hours in front of the tube and actually enjoying what is left of my life. I know my yard stick is at the tail end and I have only myself to blame if I don't do something more meaningful with my life. If I complain about commercials, It's because I haven't yet taken that door and opened it that leads to a life that does not require constant television and constant internet. I know there is a door to get out and walk through, but do I have the guts or the incentive to take that walk and get off the grid? There is a slight chance I might. But as long as you can see my articles here and other sites you will know that I am still inside that virtual box. But if you no longer see me you might jump to the conclusions.

If there is a way to write articles but not watch t.v. it might be a happy middle ground for me. I don't know if I am willing to give things up all together. At least not yet. I am still watching a show from CBS called - Salvation - and I watch it every Wednesday night. I don't think I am quite ready to get off the grid, just yet.

Here is a link to a YouTube about Climate Crisis that you need to take a look at, below:

The Climate Crisis Documentary

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MegL wrote on September 3, 2017, 6:24 PM

TV stations are businesses, they will take whatever pays the most money. I don't watch TV. I got fed up with it and found I preferred books. I don't read many books these days but I do a lot of stuff online. It wasn't the adverts I got fed up with (some stations in the UK do not show advertisements), it was the content. It bored me, so I gave up TV.

lookatdesktop wrote on September 3, 2017, 11:06 PM

I have always looked for the gold under all the dirt. I still like to dig deep to find hidden movie and t.v. treasures and now I also dig for documentary and educational videos on YouTube.

cmoneyspinner wrote on September 5, 2017, 1:32 PM

The advertisers paid good money for that space or time slot. You either watch / listen or go to the bathroom! Commercials = bathroom breaks. Has that changed? LOL. :)

lookatdesktop wrote on September 5, 2017, 9:29 PM

Nothing has really changed.