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How much I weigh today

220.0 pounds

I had 2 cups of honey bear cereal then finished off with a cup of kellogg's rice krispies and I have a hard time spelling this right.

I had way too many snacks yesterday. I was down to 215 a week ago. I tried to go off sugar one day a few days ago and got dizzy and lethargic. I had to have a soda. I felt much better after that cold root beer. I realize I might have pre-diabetic symptoms as my older brother of 13 years was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, adult onset diabetes, as it is called, some 10 years ago, so that means if my calculations are correct, I could be on the road to type 2 diabetes in just a few years.

My blood test were good for normal levels so I don't have it. But then I might get it in a few years as I continue to fight weight gain.

It's all my fault. I am the only one who can stop eating and drinking sugary drinks and snacks.

It is all so tempting. I mean, just a few days ago, my wife took us to the Tom Thumb supermarket and inside she picked out a few donuts. I decided to pick out just one nice piece of coconut cream pie. Just one slice. It can't hurt right?

But yesterday we had canned generic store brand beef ravioli. I had spinach from frozen and some black eyed peas. Also canned biscuits. It all tasted so scrumptious I had to have a second helping. When it comes to SECONDS, I am a repeat performer.

So, to top things off, later that night I was offered a nice vanilla ice cream cone. How could I refuse? My wife is so kind to make it for me.

I need to try to sip on this luke warm Lipton tea that has no sugar in it. Yuck. I hate tea without sugar, but it's the caffeine I have a craving for, yes and sugar too. I can't have the sugar. I must drink it. I must. I hate it but I have to have tea. I had coffee with cream and sugar , very sweet and delicious a few days ago, then a second cup and then a third cup later in the evening. Then 2 days ago, just 24 hours later I had drank only root beer and iced tea that day and I went to bed with a tremendous headache. I know it was caffeine withdrawal.

I got up in the middle of night and took 2 aspirin. I woke up with no headache but then I decided to have root beer on the way to get things at Walmart and was groggy all day and fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie with my wife on the television from a library Blue Ray movie called God's Pocket. I decided to finally get up and make more tea with plenty of sugar. It's the only way I can enjoy it. It is too bitter without sugar.

My wife has managed to get her weight down to 210 and she uses Spenda instead of white granulated table sugar in her tea. I still put about 6 or more teaspoons full of white sugar in my glass of home made brewed Lipton tea. It fills a 16 oz. glass with plenty of ice from the ice tray that we freeze ordinary Dallas tap water to make ice.

I know I can cut back on some of the things I know make me get fast weight gain. But there is no fun anymore. I can't enjoy food if I can't eat and drink the things I like best. I don't drink beer any more because my wife thinks it is very bad for my health and she doesn't like my behavior when I drink. I don't drink beer any more but crave it's flavor. I crave a stout Heineken or Guinness stout or even a nice Lakewood temptress stout. Would it hurt to have just one cold delicious Lakewood Temptress stout?

Well, I drink lots and lots of coffee instead until the temptation to have a beer is quelled.

Maybe this is half the problem. I am unhappy because I like beer but my wife would be very upset if I did this and I don't want her to be unhappy, so I instead, eat and drink myself to heavy weight gain from sweets, coffee and tea and other tasty things.

It's not her fault I crave things that are bad for me. It's not my fault either. They advertise it on TV and I tend to watch those ads and it gets buried in my brain so eventually I go out and have a 2 piece Tuesday at Church's chicken or we go to Jack in the Box and order 4 tacos with fries and a drink. Or worse, I go to Sam's club and buy a very large jar of salted and dry roasted mixed nuts and a rotisserie chicken and we have it with home made potato salad and plenty of iced tea with sugar.

I guess I need to just drink room temp water, pray more and walk a lot. It won't be easy and it won't be fun but maybe I can drop a few pounds and moreover, avoid that potential upcoming onset diabetes that seems to run in my family.

It's time for This Week with George Stephanoppolis and I can't spell his name right either.

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MegL wrote on September 3, 2017, 10:36 AM

I sympathise. There are lots of things I like that are not good for me. I gave up sugar in tea and coffee over 50 years ago, by cutting down a bit at a time. If you take 6 spoonfuls now, take 5 spoonfuls next week and stay at that level all week. The following week take 4 spoonfuls. Stay at that level until you feel you can move lower. You will then find that if you try a cup of tea with 6 spoonfuls in it, you will then find it too sweet. When I first met my husband, he couldn't believe that I HATED tea with sugar in it. He tested it out by giving me a slice of sweet cake and a cup of tea with sugar in it. Even with eating the cake, I could STILL tell that there was sugar in the tea. He eventually went down the road of slow reduction of sugar in his tea and now he does not take any at all either. I am currently working on a list of 30 things you can do to lose weight without dieting. With it coming into autumn and the apples being picked from the trees, I am eating an apple any time I feel hungry. A apple has only about 70 calories and it is said that if you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you are not hungry. I am also testing out drinking a glass of water when I feel hungry and several before I have a meal. Both of those seem to help. I might make a video with some of the tips in it and then will post it here.

lookatdesktop wrote on September 3, 2017, 11:56 AM

I will be looking for it. I think you have some good ways of cutting sugar from your diet. I will try this one teaspoon reduction on a weekly basis to see if it works better for men than the failed attempts at cutting out sugar completely cold turkey style. It never works for me to stop but I did it with beer. I did manage to stop drinking alcohol but unlike the carvings for sweets I have a craving for alcoholic beverages sometimes, but not always. I see that beer drinking made me gain even more weight. It has in fact done severe liver damage to two people, one my older brother and a next door neighbor and a brother to a very good friend of ours, who died from complications from liver damage by drinking and after a person is diagnosed with alcohol related liver damage, and diabetes, it would seem logical that a normal person would heed the doctor's advice to stop drinking completely any alcoholic beverage and lay off sugar to both curb the damages done to the liver and pancreas that can basically shorten your life by a great number of years. I realize that if I crave a beer now and then then my older brother, like the man who was recently diagnosed with cancer of his liver, they should have a much much more difficult time of it, and I realize that alcohol addiction is a very serious condition and I would have to call it a disease in fact, because it leads to eventual death.