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Why do people drive their cars into the entrance of retail stores?

Yesterday, my wife and I were going to shop at a local Walmart.

There were plywood boards covering the east entrance doors. The only other entrance, the west entrance doors, were located on the far end of the Walmart. We had parked at first in the lot that was located on the east end of the store. This lady came over and told my wife, "You will not be able to go in the store from this side. You might be able to find a parking space closer to the other end."

She explained to my wife that a crazed lunatic drove his car into the front east entrance doors and got out of his car and tried to wrestle down a lady for her car keys and was arrested. I went inside and saw a man who is with the maintenance department of Walmart, looking at his Samsung Galaxy phone and showing it to another associate explaining to him as I looked over his shoulder to see what it was all about. That guy knows me. We shop there a lot and I often say "Hello" to him in passing. The thing that happened that resulted in boarding off the east entrance of the Wheatland Road Walmart Supercenter is, This crazed maniac drove right into the store through those doors and got out and tried to force a lady to give him her keys, knocking her to the ground and causing injury to her arm, which sent her to the hospital and another person had an asthma attack and had to go to the hospital as 5 associates held the man down until law enforcement arrived with firefighters as well, to that location to grab him and place him under arrest. The man is said to have spoken in a strange tone of voice saying to this effect, "I'm on a quest."

I had obtained most of this information by talking to several Walmart associates who were either there in the store at around 6 AM yesterday morning, September 1st, 2017, or who were told about the event taking place after they got to work later on. It was around 11 AM when I got this information by talking to about 3 or 4 different Walmart associates about the incident.

I asked one worker there if he had any idea how long it would be before they got the east entrance repaired and he replied, "Probably about a week, at least." So we did our shopping, and I went out to get the car as we were parked on the opposite end of the store's parking lot from the entrance we had to use and my wife waited for me at the entrance. While I was getting the car to pull around and up to the front west entrance of the Walmart store, a strange lady started asking my wife all kinds of questions like, "Where did you get all that fancy jewelry?" Then that lady offered my wife a ride and she told her to get lost.

I drove up to get her at the west entrance and that lady walked away quickly. I had no idea that this had occurred. My wife explained that she was upset and angry with that woman because she was so insistent on giving her a ride when she explained she didn't need a ride and that her husband, me, was on his way with the car to pick her up.

That Walmart has had some strange things happening lately. Just a month ago, I was getting out of the car in the parking lot and this student from a local high school, playing a trombone, was blasting it out so loudly that you could hear his horn from across the entire front entrance of the Walmart store. I mentioned to a lady walking past that "He sure likes to play that trombone." She looked back at me and acted as if angry and said, to this effect, "Well, so what? What's wrong with that?" - I didn't say anything after that. It was obvious that woman was feeling a bit hostile and I figured it best to keep quiet. Why people are so much on edge lately must have more to do with certain areas of the city and the recent news and the general climate of living these days. All in all, I was certainly glad I got back home after those last 2 trips to a Walmart. It is not all that much fun running into these situations. I have not had this kind of thing happen at a Target but then there was a recent news report of a man shot in the parking lot of a Target. So, it don't matter where you go. Things unexpected can and do happen.

The last few weeks ago, I witnessed a man walking around the intersection of a local area of town and we were at a red light on our way home from a local ALDI market and this crazy acting man with a big long black beard and very dark skin, was balling up his fists at the traffic and walking literally along the lanes of traffic and in front of cars, forcing them to brake. I called 911 on my cell phone and got no response and I had to wait to get home to call from the land line phone and told them what occurred at that intersection and explained to police that that man looked neither Hispanic nor Black. More like a middle easterner.

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MegL wrote on September 3, 2017, 3:44 AM

It certainly sounds like people are on edge at the minute around that area. That must have been frightening for your wife.

lookatdesktop wrote on September 3, 2017, 9:37 AM

She actually was more angry than afraid. She did not get anywhere near close to that person's car. I was gone only a few minutes tops, to get the car and drive it up to pick her up at the west entrance. It might have been stressful to her but she showed no signs. In fact she was pretty sure that that lady would not have actually gone as far as to force her into the vehicle, as there were way too many people at the entrance both going into the Walmart and going back out as that single entrance and exit was the only option since they had to close the east entrance due to the recent accident caused by a mentally ill person who drove a car right through the front glass pane doors of the east entrance hours ago. We stayed home the next day, yesterday to get over all that crazy stuff that happened the day before with of course, a full tank of gas. I am glad it's Sunday so I can heal from the stress of both that situation and other things like hurricane Irma headed to the US east coast with uncertainty as to the precise location it may hit and who will need to evacuate if it rises past a category 3.