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Tomorrow is Hell Day for my wife. She has a breast clinic appointment for a breat biopsy.

They made my wife wait over 2 months to get the biopsy.

Breast Cancer is a very serious threat to all women all ages. all over the planet.

But more than that, putting off screening and then making a patient wait for weeks or months to get a biopsy just to find out if they have cancer or don't and what stage is the cancer can make a person go nuts waiting and being full of fear and anxiety for it.

My friend had a colonoscopy last month at the Veterans Administration Hospital as he is a Vietnam Combat Vet. He had 3 polyps found and removed during the routine exam. He told me he is furious because the doctor was not present at the follow up visit and he was asked to go back home and wait for a few more weeks to get the test results.

Now he is living every day in anxiety and apprehension as to weather or not he does in fact have cancer or does not!

The two things both my friend and my wife share is the wait. The long uncertain waiting time not knowing if they have colon or breast cancer because of the delay that exists between the initial test and the results of the biopsy evaluations.

This has to be a common issue with American patients who have been tested for their health.

We as Americans expect better service and more prompt results. But, we are not getting it.

Could this all be because of the current downfall of the recent Obamacare that has been dumped by Trump? Is this a result of a currently failed health care system altogether? I think it might very well be. I understand that nurses are over worked, and understaffed. That means more and more patience required for more and more patients, getting to wait for results, by less and less able and willing nurses and doctors and the cost of health care for all is going up. Do you see a silver lining of the dark clouds of the current American health care non-affordable health care act? I don't. but then I never had much information other than the fake news about it on mass media both on television and online.

I don't get that it is so hard to find a way to make health care in America both dependable and affordable for people of variant levels of economic status. The poor will always be with us but when the average Joe or Josette who is considered a blue collar worker, that is, a middle class employee of a company working for a living in America, can not afford the high premiums or co-pays there needs to be a radical way of looking at changing the current system so it will work for the majority of those who are working, and the poor will always need assistance. Universal health care was always on the tables but everyone ignored this and greed seemed to be the bottom line of motivation for most. As it stands, the major manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs in America expect high dividends from the sales and advertisements of their new mass produced drugs want to make a profit and in turn they want the private as well as the public health care sectors to use their drugs and there are always levels of competition in the generic market as well as the black market to sell the similar drugs or copy cat drugs to undercut the major ones.

I prefer medicine that is prime. I prefer it to be affordable and safe. I don't go for online purchases of fake drugs that might be made in a factory in the middle of nowhere with stuff inside that is toxic or just plain inert. The people who buy drugs online risk their very lives when they allow the many Russian originating pharmas to sell them drugs that are not guaranteed to work and they use the American credit system to the max to get quick money. These Russians are not the only ones in the mass market of or black market of drug sales making it possible for people who are not prescribed these medicines or drugs, for their personal use for recreational highs or to actually fight disease. The numbers are staggering.

READ MORE about BIG PHARMA BLACK MARKETS from Huffington Post online.

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MegL wrote on August 23, 2017, 12:56 PM

I understand that the high cost of medical care in the USA is at least partly due to its private nature and that much of the payment comes from insurance companies, so the care providers charge far too much. It's unacceptable for people to have to wait a long time for important results. I hope everything goes well for your wife.

melody23 wrote on August 23, 2017, 2:56 PM

Your post reminds me again of why I am so grateful for our National Health Service here in the UK. Sure it is far from perfect but I have had loads of operations over the years, had my broken arm fixed, had antibiotics more times than I care to imagine for the various infections I have had, get my contraceptive pill every month without fail and have unfortunately been treated in A&E a few times too - none of this has cost me a penny (well I pay tax and national insurance obviously but no one asked for my credit card at the hospital). A friend of mine used to live in America and unfortunately had cancer - she witnessed people being turned away from their scheduled chemotherapy sessions because their credit card declined! To me that is so barbaric, I cannot understand not providing treatment for any illness that is free at the point of delivery.

As for waiting for results, there will always be a wait because obviously results need to be analysed/interpreted, samples need to be tested etc but the wait should be as short as possible when testing for something like cancer surely? The waiting is horrible, I hope everything works out ok for your wife and your friend.

As someone who often looks after people who purchase drugs on the internet I completely agree that this is a super dangerous practice. I obviously cant tell you much because I have confidentiality to protect but believe me when I say that some of this stuff of the internet is not even close to being what it says it is, and some of it can be pretty deadly!

MegL wrote on August 24, 2017, 7:06 PM

I hope everything went well for your wife with her biopsy and the results arrive quickly.

lookatdesktop wrote on August 24, 2017, 10:07 PM

The area where the biopsy was done has swollen and become red. She was told this would happen though, but that still doesn't seem to be much comfort. Since this was a new experience and there is a wait time to find out the test results, she and I are quite on edge about the whole thing.