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What's Going On? Where are the Bugs?

Well this year, it seems to me, has been a peculiar year. Now I read about climate change and find it most interesting. And it's curious to see the only people with insight on the topic are the politicians (I'm being facetious here. I avoid politics altogether, personally). But I'm not penning these words to discuss just temperature and other such meteorological changes over the centuries--no!

No, I'm writing about what could be a peripheral effect of such changes, namely life-form populations. And I'm not speaking of people or of your typical animals. I'm speaking of the nearly mindless "bug" populations. In particular, lady bugs and stink beetles. Where have they gone?

"Oh where have you gone, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? Oh Where have you gone, Charming Billy?"

I would love to see a not-too-technical article on the effect on bug populations of climate change. No, not just the numbers, but reasons. Why does this bug increase and why does that decrease? Are there other changes than mere quantity?

Any takers? And if not, are there any particular bugs or such that you've noticed have been affected?

For instance, I have noticed a decrease in evergreen bagworms at my place. And yellow jacket nests on my property have dropped from six to zero, with the norm being two to three.

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MegL wrote on August 21, 2017, 10:40 AM

Bug populations wax and wane anyway. Some years, you get swamped with a particular bug, for instance, when my eldest was a toddler, we had huge swarms of ladybirds (ladybugs) but then the population crashed. With a big population, they eat all the food and then die off. Sometimes there are lots of predators that eat them. And of course, when the food population crashes, the predator population crashes, which then allows the food population to start growing again! :)

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Kasman wrote on August 21, 2017, 4:15 PM

Swings and roundabouts I think. Some years are good for bugs and some years aren't.

VinceSummers wrote on August 21, 2017, 4:53 PM

As is the case with temperture in general, there are fluctuations. But as the world's temperature increases incrementally, I wonder if there will be long term effects...

lookatdesktop wrote on August 23, 2017, 9:33 AM

As I have seen many of the YouTube videos by Guy Mcpherson about global climate change and here is a link to one you might find of help.