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The Devil's Paintbrush - Hawkweed, not Hogweed, silly!

I was just reading from a Better Homes & Gardens book called The Complete Guide To Gardening and came across a weed that is found in the United States in many areas and seems to be doing well in many parts of the country.

I thought this particular weed most interesting as it is called of all things, the Hogweed is the mispronunciation of the actual name Hawkweed, my own version of it, lol. or The Devil's Paintbrush, it's most typical name and most familiar, also called the orange hawkweed. They do come up with some very interesting names don't they?

Anyway, I wanted to find out more about this particular weed as I believe I may have seen a similar species of a weed in our front yard and have pulled many of them up by the root. But the ones in our yard are not this weed actually. After looking at the one I spent hours hand pulling, a friend told me the ones growing in our Dallas lawn was some kind of wild carrot he thinks, so I am frankly unable to give the weed in our yard an official name without first taking pics of it and fully researching it. But I guess Minnesota is located in an area with different temperatures than in Dallas county. The weeds common to Dallas county are as follows:

Texas: Common Garden Weeds

A link to a video about Texas weeds from YouTube

Here is a link you may find interesting to look at: But first, there have been two names given to this particular orange wild flower, The Hawkweed, and the second one, Hogweed, which is my own twist on the plant, from watching too many episodes of Harry Potter, lol. Getting more serious, but moreover, this wild flower is called the Devil's Paintbrush . I have a link to a Flickr image you might like and another link to more details about this Devil's Paintbrush wildflower:

Flickr image of Devil's Paintbrush

Hieracium aurantiacum source:

Hieracium aurantiacum source:

Minnesota Wildflowers source:

I will provide this image from Wikimedia Commons below:

Page URL -

File URL -

Attribution - Jörg Hempel [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit » black pen image created by Anthony Davis, original work by me.

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MegL wrote on August 19, 2017, 4:17 AM

A very interesting name for a lovely wild flower.