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The Four Bears

A Tiny Terror Story

Once upon a time, there were four bears, Daddy bear, Mummy bear, Little bear and Tiny bear. Most days, Daddy bear made porridge for breakfast, though sometimes they had eggs or packet cereal. Little bear enjoyed all her food and usually ate it up quickly and went back to whatever she was doing. Tiny bear only had a small appetite and ate her food more slowly than everyone else, so she was often left at the table to finish off, while Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Little bear were doing something else.

Porridge and Honey

The three bears went for a walk to let their porridge cool down but the four bears had plenty of things to do in the house while their porridge cooled because they didn't want to put milk on it, to cool it. They preferred their porridge nice and thick but with honey on it. One day, Daddy bear made the porridge, put some honey on it and called Little bear and Tiny bear to come to the table to eat it. Little bear was busy and liked her porridge very cool, so she dallied. Tiny bear was hungry, so she came to the table quickly for her porridge. The porridge was yummy. There was plenty of honey on it. Mummy bear and daddy bear finished their porridge and left Tiny bear at the table to finish hers more slowly.

Who's Been Eating My Porridge?

The porridge was so yummy, that Tiny bear wanted more. Her own dish was empty but Little bear's dish was full, with honey glistening on top, so she took a spoonful. That porridge was SO GOOD, she took another spoonful and soon, she had eaten it all up. When Little bear finished what she was doing, she came to the table and found her porridge bowl was empty, "Who's eaten my porridge?" she said, very upset.

Laughed And Laughed

But Tiny bear just laughed and laughed.

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Kasman wrote on August 7, 2017, 4:45 PM

In Rocco's house no-one dare turn their back on a plate of food else he's off with it!

MegL wrote on August 7, 2017, 4:58 PM

Yes, Cooper would be like that if he were allowed. Unfortunately, although he likes all types of food, human food upsets his digestive system and there are "accidents" that no one enjoys! His humans have learned not to let him have anything but his own food and treats and maybe the tiniest bit of cooked chicken or whatever they are eating, for everyone''s sake. He has to be shut in the kitchen if the children are eating on a low table in the other room because otherwise, he would be up and the food away before anyone knew anything about it!

VinceSummers wrote on August 7, 2017, 5:44 PM

Oh my!

lookatdesktop wrote on August 10, 2017, 1:12 PM

I bet Tiny Bear got a tummy ache.