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Dreams Are Good Things

I was a kid of 6 when I woke up from a "bad dream". When my mom came to my room to see why I was crying, I told her that I dreamed that I was riding a bike and that it was racing down a steep hill with three busy intersections, something like San Francisco. I did not know how to stop the bike from hurtling towards a muddy river in flood, with several rusted car wrecks bobbing up and down. I could not swim. At the last moment, just before landing in the river, I managed to swerve to the left and crashed into an old willow tree. I saw how the front wheel buckled and bent completely out of shape, and how my right arm broke at the elbow and how bits of bone fragments protruded where my elbow was. I remember gagging on something with a metallic taste, as I wiped my mouth with my left hand, I looked down and saw that it was blood, from a wound in my forehead.

My mom reminded me that it was only a dream, as I don't have a bike. But on my 9th birthday, my friend was busy giving me my first bike riding lesson, using his bike. He was holding onto the saddle when his grip slipped. The problem was, that he had forgotten to tell me where the brakes were. The rest is history and happened exactly according to the dream I had 3 years earlier.

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VinceSummers wrote on August 6, 2017, 7:31 AM

Dreams largely are just that, dreams. But it is possible to become involved with the wicked spirits. Some might say, "Oh, don't be ridiculous." But they're quite real. I carefully avoid putting myself unwittingly in their path.

MegL wrote on August 6, 2017, 10:08 AM

My goodness. You dreamed it 3 years before it happened! Can you credit the picture please? Thanks

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lookatdesktop wrote on August 6, 2017, 11:24 AM

I have had dreams and visions of events that took place later on in the future. But I credit these dreams to current news and events of the day. When it is suggested for instance that a shuttle might explode on launch caused me to see a vision of this before Challenger was destroyed at throttle up. I have had dreams that seem to be looking at things like chaos on the streets, people running to and fro as if to get away from something terrible and I had such a dream within several months of the war in Iraq called the Gulf War or Operation Desert Storm. I have been disturbed by seeing the number on the clock reading 11:11 PM or 11:11 AM several times throughout the year prior to the 9/11 attacks. So there are things that we dream that seem to suggest we are being given these visions from God as we are very likely living in THE LAST DAYS. but no one can really know this as a fact. I have been disturbed by the recent events related to unusual weather patterns and tensions with North Korea, Russia and the popular opinion polls about the current commander in chief of these United States. So it all points toward some catastrophic point in our times. That is my angle on the dreams and the dreams related to prophecy. One really significant dream came to me several months before the Sears Catalog was to begin major closings at all locations. I dreamed I was in the warehouse where I worked at that time, I was aware that the entire floor was vacant and darkened with very little light and quiet. All workers that number in the hundreds were missing. All activities were stopped. It was like being in a ghost town. Turns out the layoffs and closings across the United States of the Sears catalog system were taking place and our location on Lamar Street, was one of the last to actually close, right after the Christmas season ended. Before all of these events my mother became ill and while I was afraid of her dying I was in Sears working with others and witnessed a white dove fly through the warehouse in one side and out the other and was never seen again. This came as an omen to me that my mother would survive but that she was followed by repeated dreams of my father dying. Instead of my father being the first to pass away, it was on Mother's Day 1995, when my mother died in her bed from heart failure as she laid there breathing rapid and shallow breaths. I left for home just a day before she died. I had just recovered from cancer surgery a month before. I survived only to witness my own mother's death. Sad but true. Then my father passed away in February, 2002, following the September eleven attacks of 2001. One of the last things my father said to me on the day that he died was, "I don't want you to read me from the Bible Anthony because I you are a hypocrite." I held his hand before his surgery, and others joined in with the Lord's Prayer. I let go and told my wife we were going home and within a few hours the chaplain came in to tell us our dad passed away while the surgeon was trying to massage his heart but it would not start beating and was pronounced dead during surgery on his heart. We went home and that day haunts me to this day. My father thought I was a hypocrite. He did not want me to read from the Holy Bible because he thought I was not a true Catholic. Because I did not go to mass. Yet I do believe but his passing on that note was painful even to this day and I cry every time I see an image of his face in a photograph. Because he died thinking I was a non believer. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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MegL wrote on August 6, 2017, 5:09 PM

It's always painful when a parent dies, especially if we have not had a good last meeting or discussion. Yet, if we believe that the person has gone to Heaven, will they not then know everything that has happened and understand our intentions and beliefs? Sometimes, I think we find it harder to forgive ourselves for our faults than to forgive others and a loving parent may be upset by something we have done but will not stop loving us as their child.

lookatdesktop wrote on August 6, 2017, 6:15 PM

I only wish my father had not felt so badly about me especially right on the very day he died. I have no way of telling him Hey, I do believe in God and I just don't go to church often like you wanted me to. I was not always there for you in the past and for that I am truly sorry. I can only hope he gets to hear my thoughts while up there in Heaven, with momma. I am happy that I still have kept good memories of both of my parents in spite of some of the hard times we experienced in the past. We did have our differences but then again we still managed to keep in touch back in those days. I regret only that I didn't have time to reconcile with my father before he passed.