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A 40 gallon gas water heater full of water can weigh around 450 to 500 pounds, so why does this bother me?

The floor was getting wet before we replaced the water heater, gas powered in our home, and now there seems to be some concern by myself, due to the floor making a bit of noise as I walk across the threshold between the hall and the kitchen where that 400 to 500 pound dead weight is sitting.

The floor under it might be water damaged from the old one that we removed and replaced a few years ago. That said, I am not going to pay a carpenter at this moment to look for sub-floor rot.

A contractor would likely find reasons to replace the entire floor in the kitchen. Yep. I will wait until I hear a loud thump and wake up from a deep sleep to find that water tank about 4 feet below the floor and gas spewing out from the flex line. Well, I am not being totally honest. I am worried and concerned about this but I know that that thing was sitting there for years before and may still be sitting there in many years to come.

The floor itself can be replaced. But it will have to be put off until I win the Texas Lottery. Meantime, I don't jump up and down near or around that 40 gallon tank of hot water that seems to be taunting me. I might have to get a guy to go under the house and see if he can put some concrete blocks right under the exact place where the water heater is sitting. Perhaps I will call someone in a year or so. It will have to wait until I get a loan from some rich relative. Only I don't know of any who are still alive.

Image Credit » A pen pic by Anthony Davis, who write this silly post.

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MegL wrote on August 6, 2017, 1:57 AM

That sounds worrying. Are you able to go under the house yourself?