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Some people don't like you when you do it one better.

O ne day I was employed for a Transfer and Storage warehouse.

They unloaded freight cars and stacked boxes onto wooden pallets. On the first day I helped unload an entire train car full, of all things, Chocolate Malt-o-Meal.

This one guy, told me to stack them in a special way so the boxes wouldn't tip over. It was easy to follow the method he instructed me on and I managed to do a pretty good job of it, only, this one guy told me I was working too fast.

It seemed to me, at that time, they all liked to pace themselves. But not because they lacked the stamina for doing it faster, only that, they felt that they were being paid by the hour, not the box and they wanted me to slow down my pace so I wouldn't make them 'LOOK BAD'

A fter a day of doing the unloading, and sampling some of a box that was torn open and being told, "Hey, don't eat that. It will make your stomach swell if you eat too much of it." I thought about that and decided I better stop eating from that one box of busted and torn open chocolate malt-o-meal.

The next day, same o- same o. Well, this time it was another freight car full of, this time, several pallets of pancake mix. It seemed that mostly all they stored in that warehouse was tons of grocery items. That day, my second day and my last day of employment for Koon Mc Nat Transfer and Storage company, a guy acted like he wanted to push me off the loading dock and pulled out a knife and pointed it at my face, I figured I was not accepted to work along with this group of goons. I told the boss man, "I am sorry, but this isn't working out for me." I did not explain the real reasons for my quitting but I left without getting paid. I didn't want to get into it with the likes of that one person who was a bit shady and definitely a trouble maker.

W hen I wrote at one site, I was getting lots of likes and followers only this one writer, who I won't name for privacy reasons, told me he didn't like the way I wrote. He said, "You're too wordy." He also accused me of posting random discussions and explained that he was a casual and regular writer of that site of some 7 years since the site started and insisted he would never improve his skill level at either punctuation or grammar. He insisted the site would be better off if I did not write there.

I returned with a sarcastic remark, "I can be bad at grammar when I want to." - thus my first real encounter with a hater, a person who did not respect another writer who had a higher level of ambition then himself.

C ontent to be mediocre and never grow, he seemed opposed because in the short time I had been writing at that site, I had managed to do well and gain many followers. The thing is, I am not all that happy about being told I am not wanted at a site by just another member. It was not as if I was being told I was writing too many complex articles by the site owners or Administrator. It has been several days since that time. I have continued to write at that site, in spite of that one hater and even continue to follow that individual, but manage to avoid interactions with that person.

I have usually managed to just un-follow a person who enjoys making trouble or negative comments. I am used to Trolls and know that it is best just to ignore them, rather than argue with them as this is their intention, so as to get you booted off the site so they can feel like they somehow won.

Some people don't like you when you do it one better. Yep. That is the truth. Enough said. Back to writing my way.

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MegL wrote on July 8, 2017, 2:13 AM

It's very hard to keep your head below the parapet sometimes!

lookatdesktop wrote on July 8, 2017, 11:49 PM

I find it hard to avoid criticism at times. Even when I am just trying to do good things.