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Today I made the decision to stop hosting my personal page after over 20 years.

Today, I made a crucial decision to stop hosting my old website.

And here is why

How Much did I actually pay to keep a personal home page, aka, blog, for 20 years?

I paid a hosting service that used to be free but started charging, back in the year 1995, $10.98 per month, and I did some math.

After 20 years of paying that hosting service, I have spent a grand total of $2,635.20

So today I am retiring my personal home page for good.

I will continue writing but - I will no longer host that site. It has cut deep into my BOTTOM LINE .

I may in the future, try to start a new blog, but in retrospect, that two thousand, six hundred thirty five dollars and twenty cents would have paid for all those graphic programs I never seemed to be able to afford in the past, because I was nickel and diming myself month after month, without having given it any thought.

So, I will be able to save $131.76 every year from this point on. I think, this is one of my best financial decisions in a long time.

The site was getting dusty anyway. It was formatted for HTML 4 or HTML 5 and was considered not to be Mobile Friendly. I will share my stories and ideas on some of the sites I already write at now and that way my writings will not go unread.

The site was being visited less often over time and since I never seemed to have time to update it due to the fact that I have been writing on a few sites that seem to take most of my time, I had no choice but to stop using that pay service. Besides that, the page counter service, which was free, retired as of today. So I would not get any more status reports from that site. It is sad in a way but then I know it's time to move on.

I have considered creating a new blog but that will take lots of time to consider and plan. Meantime I will try to be more active here. I never used ads on that personal home page. It all started when I first started my days of online writing with Southwestern Bell Internet Services which changed into what is now called AT&T U-verse.

The hosting service started off free then offered a hosting service to allow users who had an account to keep their PHP and have it registered as a website with a dot com suffix. I liked having my website at the time and for a long while I did add new articles to it. Anyway, it's time to move forward. I figure I can still get my ideas across here at PersonaPaper and a few other sites not to mention Facebook. I think that in the future, I will be able to reconstruct a new website with it's own new catchy dot com name and maybe even make it mobile friendly.

To all who follow me and who are familiar with my old website. It's a choice I made so that the remaining 20 years of my life, if I am lucky, will save me approximately twenty six hundred dollars for not having it hosted at that affordable price of ten dollars and ninety eight cents per month. Funny how, over time even a little bit of money can add up to so much. Since I did not use ads I never earned money at that site. That is okay because I did not write to earn money, or advertise. I wrote because I like to write and that is why I like writing here at personapaper. Sharing my ideas with the rest of the world is what I'm all about.

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Kasman wrote on July 1, 2017, 11:44 AM

Why don't you try one of the blog hosting sites like Google Blogspot? It's free, it's very versatile and you can have Adsense on it. It can be used for all sorts of things. OK, you won't actually own your own blog but not owning it takes away a lot of the hassle.

MegL wrote on July 1, 2017, 1:37 PM

Yes, very true and you don't have to learn php or css or anything else.