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Gangrene, Amputation, and the Medical Profession

What is it with the medical profession they have to play god? No, I'm not talking about the routine inflammatory topics people ordinarily think of when they think of an abusive medical activity. I'm thinking of gangrene and amputation.

It started with a friend who was in a horrendous automobile accident (of which he was entirely the innocent victim, naturally). The bone of one leg below the knee died . My friend wanted it amputated. He could then use a prosthetic leg and experience (at least eventually) no pain. What did the doctors say? NO! We will not do it...


He's had a multitude of operations on that leg and he's always in severe pain until he takes his pain killers. And even then he's in pain. What did my friend gain?

But that's not the worst. The brother-in-law of an acquaintance stubbed his toe really badly and it became gangrenous. They amputated the toe. Then, following expensive medical treatments, he lost toes. Then part of the foot. Then another part of the foot. Then the foot. They've keeping an eye on the leg.

Did I mention expensive medical treatments? Did I mention the use of a hyperbaric chamber ? And did the man, perhaps with much weeping, BEG the doctors to keep the leg? No. He wanted it off . Now they watch the leg. But what happens if they have to amputate that? Will they have to watch the hip? Will this step-wise process lead to his death ?

If they'd amputated the leg earlier on, would there be nearly so much concern about ever-increasing gangrene? Or would he have become used to a functioning prosthetic leg, been able to move about freely, and be void of pain?

I had a friend with prostate problems. "Ditch the prostate," he said. They did.

I had a friend with some breast cancerr. "Remove them completely," she said. And they did.

What gives with the gangrene bit?

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MegL wrote on June 8, 2017, 1:29 PM

It's amazing isn't it? In some cases they take too much too soon and in others, too little, too late.

lookatdesktop wrote on June 8, 2017, 2:31 PM

Maybe they just did not know about how it spread . I agree that is seems only logical that they should have realized the necessity of amputation.