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Interviewed by the media

I try very hard to stay out of politics on facebook, with my job its really important not to get caught up in all this stuff in public because who knows where it could lead. But I was so sick of seeing the statistic saying 'the average UK nurse salary is £31000' that I ended up commenting on an article the other day simply asking where that figure came from. Ok I asked it very sarcastically, more like 'who the hell is this average nurse? and where did that figure come from? because it is not representative of my salary or that of my colleagues'

I logged onto facebook on the laptop yesterday to find a message request from a journalist asking if she could ask me some questions. I'm actually not a stranger to being interviewed, I have been interviewed a few times in relation to my picky eating blog. So I agreed, only if my name could be kept out of it.

She asked me all sorts of things, the type of stuff we are hearing in the news about food banks and things like that. I genuinely don't know anyone who has had to go to one, I don't even think we could because we are in full time employment. I told her that she would be better looking at the bigger picture, at the shift pattern, at all the extra shifts nurses have to do to make ends meet. Now if you look at that you will find literally thousands of nurses in that situation, myself included.

I told her all about the staff bank, what it is, how it works, how we don't get overtime but have to do bank shifts for the same rate instead. how I worked seven 12 hour nights out of eight nights just a few weeks ago. how people cant afford childcare so are being forced to drop their hours, making their situation worse. I told her lots of things, and she was shocked.

She didn't understand why I stay in my job, she didn't understand how I was still able to function during hour twelve of my shift. Mostly she didn't understand how it was that no one realised how bad things were.

I also gave her a link to a few of my articles on the subject and she told me she liked them!

She is going to get back in touch after she speaks to her editor regarding changing the theme of the piece away from the food banks.

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VinceSummers wrote on May 18, 2017, 4:46 PM

I'm super cautious about getting into touch with ANYONE. As to finances, it's a joke. Those who are willing to do anything it takes to do so get ahead.

MegL wrote on May 19, 2017, 6:10 AM

Make sure she gives you a link to one of your blogs! LOL