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Adventures in BlogJobbing – Fortified

Last January in 2016, wrote a post about an exciting social blogging community that I had joined. Just two days later, it became necessary to write a follow up post , clarifying. Some time during the course of the year, the monetary incentive which was the reason most people were publishing at the site was taken away. The owners said “suspended”. However, when I hear that word, it translates in my mind as “Finito! Gone forever!”

Nevertheless, I kept my blog - “ My Pain, Your Gain ” - at the site.

( Don't laugh. That's the name of my blog and it's the perfect name for my blog! )

Why did I not relocate?

  • Well for one thing, the site owner didn't tell me that I had to go. In other words, just because they made a decision to discontinue their Points Reward Program , didn't mean that the site was shutting down and that the members had to find new homes for their content. So since I was not asked to leave, I stayed.

  • As I said in my previous post, it's “a really nice site”. It uses the Wordpress publishing platform. Plus, the site owners did not remove ALL monetary incentives. If you have Google Ad Sense you can participate in the revenue-share plan (75/25, owner's favor); and affiliate links are allowed (you keep 100% of commissions earned). I can work with that!

Instead of deleting my blog, my friend talked me into publishing another blog. Now I have two blogs at BlogJob. (That's not impressive. My friend has 11 blogs!) Published my first post at My Shopping Channel in November 2016.

Already into the second quarter of 2017 and it has been a busy year! I'm lovin' it!

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BarbRad wrote on May 11, 2017, 11:24 PM

I haven't taken down my remaining five blogJob blogs, but I'm not updating them, either. I took down one and moved it to my own site. They've messed with our blogs almost as much as HubPages have messed with our Hubs -- not the content, but the Plug-ins and supporting structure. We really have no control over how our blogs look anymore. I guess it's just too hard for them to work with so many different formats on one site. I just don't have time to move any more of the blogs now.

MegL wrote on May 12, 2017, 4:57 AM

That's good to know. It's always useful to have alternatives.

lookatdesktop wrote on May 12, 2017, 11:03 AM

There are good and bad aspects of writing a blog that is supported by another site owner, who has more control on the types of ads and the division of assets like pay to the writers so for that reason having your own blog, created by you and run by you with your ad choices you chose. That is the way to go.

cmoneyspinner wrote on May 12, 2017, 2:03 PM

Agree. That's the way to go IF you can go that way. At the moment I am unable to pursue that path. But have confidence that I will be able to one day. That's the end game. Workin' on it! :)

cmoneyspinner wrote on May 12, 2017, 2:10 PM

Yes. I have noticed that in their attempt to install plugins, which I think they are hoping will generate revenue, it screwed up the way my blogs were displayed. I changed the template and tried to readjust to accommodate their changes and to make my blogs look more presentable. Members have stayed there and it means they are willing to keep the sit afloat.

What I don't appreciate is that they don't respond to eMails and I can't seem to post anything to the wall. I don't want to jump to conclusions because you don't always know what's going on behind the scenes in people's private lives. As for now my blogs are there, they look fine and it's easy for me to just let them stay there while I work on other home biz projects.

We all gotta do what we all gotta do! :)

Lemark wrote on May 13, 2017, 12:14 PM

Hello. Check out If you decide to join then let me know at

Have a great weekend :)

cmoneyspinner wrote on May 13, 2017, 8:08 PM

Thank you for sharing. If I join I will let you know.