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I used to be concerned about TIME

I used to have to punch a TIME CLOCK

The days of punch card time clocks are few. These days you punch in your personal PIN.

Any way you look at it, work is TIME BASED.

There are people who have to get things done in a limited amount of time and the bad part of it is, we spend much of our time, just waiting for things to get done.

One perfect example is, having an appointment. Even if you are retired and don't clock in and out of your day job, you still have to deal with the constraints and limits of TIME. Based on the hours we are awake and asleep, we have 2 thirds of each day to plan what we want to get done in a day.

Part of this is spent in waiting, in long lines, on hold on the telephone, waiting at a red light. We are often running around so fast that we can't keep up. This is not what time is supposed to be like. Even the U.S. president had 100 days to get things done. Living in a TIME BASED life has to take it's toll on us, even if we don't realize it at this moment in TIME.

I am a procrastinator. If I have to get a certain thing like get the car inspected, I usually put it off until later because I don't like going through the motions and the worry over WILL IT PASS?

Putting things off until later only makes the STRESS of it worse. Getting things done and putting things behind us is not the answer though. If getting something done is STRESSFUL it will bother you day and night until you get it OVER WITH.

The books you check out at the local library are for you to borrow for a 3 week time period. If you don't renew a single book or DVD video disc, you will have to pay 1 dollar a day it is returned late.

You would think that being retired is freedom from TIME CLOCKS but in a way you don't get to forget about TIME but become more aware of it as each day takes you closer to DEATH and that is something a procrastinator will want to put off til the last possible moment. Good thing we can't schedule that time ourselves. But for all things in between, we can either take time to smell the flowers and take time outs to chill when we are angry or stressed, but we need to find the time to make life WORTH the effort. The clock on the wall is a reference, not a ball an chain on your leg..

Remember to take time to live and do things you like before you run out of T I M E !

It's TIME for me to have coffee and that means for now this post has to come to a close. until next TIME, find a good book to read and take time to read it but don't forget to bring it back to the library ON TIME.

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MegL wrote on May 9, 2017, 2:26 AM

You are so right. I spend a lot of time waiting. Much of the work I want to do online requires peace quiet and concentration. That can be hard to find!

lookatdesktop wrote on May 11, 2017, 12:35 AM

Peace of mind comes to me at night while asleep. The rest of the time, after I get up in the morning until bedtime is spent tapping away at my keyboard and watching documentary and lecture videos about science and space and such on YouTube.