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Man can not live by GREED alone

How does my garden grow?

It takes lots of time and determination to get seeds to germinate and sprout up through the dirt and into the light of the mighty sunshine brightly so the new plant can take root in the soil.

The same holds true with many a success story. The need to create is intrinsic in all of us, including writers who need a place to take root and grow. The only thing is, we need to weed out the unwanted, cultivate the area we live in and nourishment to keep on growing. But greed is not a part of the equation.

Man does not live by bread alone.

Purpose driven life. Any body who knows gardening also knows that just having a full plate at the dinner table without prayer and good company to share it with is not enough. Writing sites that failed did so because of basic greed. The sites that promised to pay it's writers and ran off with the money and left the writers unpaid came into existence a dime a dozen like so many bad weeds that look green but choke out the plants that are best for the gardener. You and I know what this article is about. The idea is, when you share your meal at the dinner table, you do so out of kindness and generosity. The sites that do well are the sites that share the wealth. To get started these sites must first cultivate loyalty. Any business depends on providing a product or service in exchange for some type of currency. Tit for Tat and all that jazz. To live by the sweat of the brow is basically what God said to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. This story has taken on many new chapters as we continue on as both a planet divided by diversity but connected by a common principle that indicates that sharing is caring, but greed is sinful.

When I see the insects in my garden I do not kill them. I let them live. The reason is, I can manage my garden with a few insects because in my garden it is abundant with fruit and there is room for all things, although, on this Earth, gardens are limited to the curse of fate, but in God's kingdom there is infinite growth and Earth gardens are a way of connecting man to the infinite possibilities of what awaits us in the future. If we try to live by material wealth without feeling anything inside it is like living without purpose. Even a simple ant, a part of a colony of thousands of other ants is important. We are all important, but fail to see it. If it can not be touched, tasted, seen or heard it is because that which matters most is spiritual not material.

A thought can be planted in the mind of one but continue to grow until perhaps billions share in the same feelings it can produce and echo throughout all time like the light of the sun on a child's face who pauses to look up in the sky and watch birds fly from trees that are green and feel a sense of oneness and a sense of contentedness that is more real than any amount of wealth had by the richest man yet living. Wow. I really did it today with this post. But, simply put, as life seems to drag you down and it looks as if nothing will change, that is a big lie. The truth is always there. WE only need to open our eyes and take a look at it and the blind will see and the deaf will hear and eventually all things will come to pass. It is not up to any of us. The life we are given came from a source as powerful as the universe. It is the force of good by a creator who still cries tears like rain on the world. The rain is really falling harder only no one really understands why.

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MegL wrote on April 21, 2017, 2:52 PM

That's a great piece of literary writing.

lookatdesktop wrote on April 21, 2017, 7:18 PM

I felt it was suited to a site like this one, because I know who my followers are here. They read what I write as do you, because they like it. I hope to read more here at this site and will be checking back more often. Thank you for your nice words.