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I can guage my mood by how well or how badly I score at certain types of video games

Diner Dash is a game I play.

It is also a game that I have progressively gotten worse at playing.

After playing this game off and on during the course of this day, I went from getting nearly a winning score at the end of level two at the last level of game play challenge to getting progressively worse.

I can remember years before, when I scored higher at this game.

If stress has anything to do with it, then I must indeed be under more stress than is usual for me.

Talking in my sleep.

This morning my wife told me that on more than one instance, I was talking in my sleep and not only was I talking during a dream it was apparently a very bad dream, one I managed to forget upon awakening.

Tonight's news reports that an NEO is approaching. This is an ASTEROID that is getting close to Earth. Why do they want to panic us? Is it the objective of news media to keep us on the edge of crisis management?

No wonder I am doing lousy at video games, writing articles online and to top it off, I am talking in my sleep. Maybe it is just the fact that I'm getting older but maybe it's because the world is getting to be more dangerous and everyone is aware of what is just around the corner. I mean it isn't just another day, or is it?

Oh well, maybe it's just me. Perhaps tonight I will have pleasant dreams, and wake up with a fresh new attitude. Maybe?

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MegL wrote on April 19, 2017, 1:58 AM

I certainly hope you get good night's sleep and get up refreshed! News is always going to keep you on edge. Apparently they tried a "good news" channel one time and had to stop it because no one watched it. Of course, you could always turn the news off! Don't listen to it. Even try not listening to it after your evening meal, so you have a chance to calm down before bedtime.

lookatdesktop wrote on April 19, 2017, 8:41 PM

That is good advice. Thanks.