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Lyrics APP would be fun for people who like to sing along with their favorite tunes.

I am looking for an app that can convert lyrics in an mp3 audio to print or display from any song in the universe, but I'm not sure if such an app would even be possible?

Music is fun but even more so if you can sing to the lyrics of your favorite songs!

I tried to write down the lyrics to a song I had heard before and really liked so I could sing along with it, but the video of the song, in mp4 video format, did not provide the option to get the lyrics.

I do know there are apps or video codecs that are designed to provide subtitles to movies and some songs so I thought there might be an app out there already, that can take an mp3 audio recording and interpret the sound waves of the vocals to enable it to convert to text, the exact lyrics using vocal recognition algorithms of some type.

But, mp3 does not have but one track which is digital sound waves.

It seems that mp4 has two different tracks, being one audio and the other video and for that reason maybe it is necessary to use an app that can transpose the lyrics to most mp4 music videos by using voice recognition technology, but in lyrics, usually, there are more than one singers and by this reasoning, it might only be possible for an app that could possibly interpret one single voice to lyric it may be quite impossible to segregate them if there were 2 or perhaps 100 different vocalists recorded on the one sound track.

Let me Google this to find out if such a lyrics reader app exists...

There just happens to be an app from Windows Store called:

Musixmatch Desktop

This is good to know. But remember this, you may want this app but in order to get this app for your p.c. you must be running Microsoft Windows 10. to get this app from Windows Store. and for this to work you must also have The Windows Store app installed in your Windows 10 p.c.

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MegL wrote on April 11, 2017, 6:35 PM

I usually just google "lyrics for..." whatever song I want. I can print it out if necessary or have 2 windows open side by side. Most of the lyrics for any song are available. The music or guitar chords can be harder to find.