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I was comfortable wearing elastic waist pants until ... I tried on my old Dockers!

Weight Gain ... takes time.

I am an eating machine.

Food is a good thing but not so, if you tend to be like me, a person who eats too many comfort foods.

I have been wearing sports pants, shorts and sweat pants these past several months, from as far back as last July, 2016. They feel more comfortable than button up with a belt. The fact is, I tried on a pair of Dockers, that once fit me perfectly, but now, I can only barely squeeze into and it cuts off the blood flow from my belly to my waist.

It is not unusual to slowly gain inches around the waist without even noticing if ... the clothes you are wearing are loose fitting with elastic waists that can stretch with you with ease to provide more comfort but as time goes slowly by, if you are like me, a person who enjoys snacks, comfort foods and take out, you may have noticed not only your weight creeping slowly upwards and barely down on a daily basis, you may find that several slacks or pants in your closet, like mine, that once fit well are just too tight to wear.

I have two choices ...

I can stop wearing the comfort clothing and stop eating the comfort foods and lose back that extra weight or I can continue to gain more weight and throw out those tight fitting pants. I chose to keep those pants, to encourage myself to lose the weight. It will not be easy, but hind sight is definitely 42/30

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MegL wrote on April 11, 2017, 2:02 PM

I know that feeling! I took action before Christmas and lost 2 stone between the start of December and end of February. It has started creeping back on again, so I am having to go back to the diet.

simplylady wrote on April 13, 2017, 10:43 AM

I know the feeling winter pounds for me.I am trying to get the weight off before summer. It is a slow progress goes on fast comes off slow