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I Need A Wife!


I do a lot of work online and wish I could do more. One of the coaches on an online training site I belong to says people shouldn't say they "don't have enough time" to work at their online goals, they should stop watching TV and then they would have enough time!


I don't possess a TV. I own a computer, of course but I do not watch films on it.

Where Does The Time Go?

All the people saying "don't say you don't have time to do this" are men. I wonder, do they also do the cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, childminding, laundry, shopping, etc? Maybe they have wives to do that.

Not Menial

Housework and childcare are often looked down on as menial tasks, yet these tasks feed, clothe, and manage the household and family. My day includes a 1 hour daily walk with my husband (as we are both retired, he feels entitled to some of my time and I am happy to share time with him). I get one granddaughter for the whole weekend, every weekend and one night in the week, which means washing and ironing school uniform and getting her dressed ready for school two mornings a week. This past weekend, I ALSO did a sleepover at my daughter's house looking after her two and the other one while she and her husband did a singing gig a couple of hundred miles away. That included feeding, tidying up and a mountain of laundry to wash and dry. Oh, and did I mention the young pup that isn't house trained yet? The other two grandchildren also came down with their dad at the weekend, to give THEIR mother a rest. That made 5 for most of the morning and afternoon.

I Love Research

I would love to lock myself away in my study for hours on end and just work away on my projects but it's now late evening here and I am only just getting down to work but i can't work too late as tomorrow means getting one granddaughter out to school, a morning walk and then a couple of hours to make beds, do laundry, then I watch one of my pre-school grandchildren for a couple of hours and her older sister for a while, to let my daughter get online with her online business.

She Needs A Wife Too!

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luisga814 wrote on April 4, 2017, 2:32 AM

Need a wife? A wife is a person someone to treasure. A wife full of dedicated job in all corners of her surroundings.

MegL wrote on April 4, 2017, 3:05 AM

Those are great thoughts. A husband is also someone to treasure.

VinceSummers wrote on July 24, 2017, 8:59 AM

I've heard the expression "I'm not your personal maid," come out of more than one mouth! And, no, I'm not saying I was married multiple times!

MegL wrote on July 25, 2017, 4:11 AM

LOL. My husband doesn't expect personal maid service and he does a very fair share of household chores but laundry, meals and cleaning don't do themselves! The grandchildren aren't old enough to help - yet - LOL.