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Mother moves to new flat in just one hour!

I published an article yesterday, where I mention about my mother moving out of the old people’s home where she was living to a new flat we had found for her. We rented a truck with two people, who would load all her belongings and take them to the new place, but it all had to be done under an hour for $100.

I got an email yesterday evening with the title: Mission Accomplished . I was told that all her belongings were now in the new flat and my mother had a book in her hands, ready to read it the evening. It sounds as if the two are now just relaxing in new flat!

Tomorrow will be another day and my mother and sister will be lucky, as they will probably have electricity, which not all people in Queensland will have, as a big cyclone with torrential rain and strong winds has hit the state. One wonders what the price of fruit and vegetables will be like after that cyclone, as a few years ago the price of bananas went up to $15.00 a kilo!

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MegL wrote on March 29, 2017, 1:17 PM

Wow, she should be in project planning, being able to do that!