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Going for an afternoon walk in Fingal Bay 

I had been working hard with my computer most of the day, so I welcomed when my husband suggested we go out to do some exercise. It had rained during most of the morning, but now it looked as if it was going to be fine weather. We decided to go to Fingal Bay, as that is a place where I can take my wheelchair and we can go together on the pathway, with him walking next to me. There were not many people walking there, maybe they were scared of the morning rain. We only found one young guy walking his little white dog, who insisted on going sideways!

We also came across a couple of women and like usual, they greeted us in a friendly way. We got to the end and around the corner we found a father with his young son on some bicycles, but I just kept to the left, while they remained on the right without bumping into each other. We continued along, but my husband reckoned he could see some black clouds in the distance. We tried going faster, but as we were getting closer to the parking lot where we had left our car, it started to drizzle and then to rain. As I was going slower than him, he suggested pushing me along, as otherwise the two of us would get all wet. As we finally got to our car, I sat down next to him in the front seat, while he placed the wheelchair in the boot. By then if was pouring and we realised we had been lucky, as neither of us had got wet. We continued driving to our flat and we seemed to be following the heavy rain until we got home.

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MegL wrote on March 4, 2017, 8:12 AM

Great to get back just before it rains.