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Is there one real good solution to global warming?

It's all about C02, aka Carbon Dioxide, the Greenhouse Gas. There's just too much of it in the earth's atmosphere and we need to find a way to get rid of it ASAP!

So, I thought about the poles, the north pole and the south pole. The idea I came up with, and it's a stretch of the imagination to say the least, but it offers one possible solution to removing green house gases and also methane gases from the atmosphere through a new space pipeline system of sorts.

Imagine if you will, two space elevators connected by stationary satellites positioned at the poles and a pipeline that would connect to ventilation ports on the ground or in the ground, where there would be massive tanks pumping out excessive carbon dioxide gas that would be taken out of the atmosphere through some process that would be able to extract both C02 gasses and methane gasses either in gas form or in compressed liquid form containerized in large tanks and moved up the space elevator to above the earth's atmosphere and into space to be expelled into the vacuum of outer space via the conduit of pipes or ducts or elevators that would carry either full tanks of pressurized C02 liquid carbon dioxide and compressed methane.

The thing that makes this so appealing is the fact that not only would humans have two ways to go out into space to gain quick access to orbital stations in the future, like space habitats or transportation systems to the stars and outer planets, but the method of using the elevators also to transport excessive green house gasses to permanently remove them from the earth's atmosphere and bring down the levels to a safe point where the actual possibility of reversing climate change from global warming to eventually reach an optimal level that would make the threat of climate change and global warming a thing of the past and by providing a means to keep the dangerous amounts of excessive green house gasses to a minimum by removing the gasses into space and not pumping the gasses into the planet's inner core which would be bad idea.

We have the technology to build space elevators and we have the drive to reduce the earth's temperature and make the planet Earth great again! Just a thought by Anthony Davis, who had time to think about this while watching YouTube videos about global warming warnings by scientists and getting more and more disturbed by the news of the earth's atmosphere going up past the 2.0 degree mark which is minimum at best and many see it going up to 5 or more degrees in the next 50 years or less and what would we do then? Fry, baby fry. Cry, baby cry! That's why I think it might be worth at least giving it more thought. Maybe my idea is far fetched or out of this world, but someone has to come up with the answer before it's too late and chaos and panic take over and the human race just gives up entirely!

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MegL wrote on March 2, 2017, 7:55 PM

One means of locking away CO2 is to add it to building materials like concrete. This is being done now and it locks the CO2 away for a long time. I won't say forever but a very long time.

lookatdesktop wrote on March 4, 2017, 12:12 AM

Hmm. Sounds like one way of doing it.