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Bad Weather Days Ahead

It is like night and day in Dallas, Texas.

One time the weather can be quite perfect, warm and sunny and a pleasant breeze.

The next thing there is a sudden shift in wind current and clouds roll in in just a few hours.

The sky darkens and you rush to the news station to find out if... ?

Bad weather days are coming. Get ready for changes unlike any you have seen before!

I know this sounds like a lot of gloom and doom but with the reality of GLOBAL WARMING AND GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, the restless planet Earth is showing signs that it is becoming very moody in the way it delivers bad weather all across the globe.

To discover this for yourself, you need only watch the skies in your neighborhood. Look up sometimes and see the chem-trails, look and see the rolling thunder clouds. See the temperature rising on one side of the continent and fall dramatically on the opposite side.

To live in a world like this there is no room for skepticism or indifference. We all need to wake up and smell the acid rain. If you want to you can click on a link to a video from YouTube that I think will be your wake up call for global climate change. It is one serious series of YouTube videos that I have been watching for the past several months with continued regularity. Below is a link to one of them but don't be too alarmed. The writing was on the wall the day Al Gore coined the phrase, 'Global Warming' or his book,'An Inconvenient Truth'


2017 IS STRANGE 'Last Messages' presents a serious series of YouTube videos documenting the changes that are taking in real time, week by week, month after month. Look at the one I recommend below:


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MegL wrote on February 13, 2017, 7:26 AM

The weather is certainly very cold here, though we don't have snow. While it is cold, it's not the kind of cold winters we used to have. The climate certainly appears to be changing rapidly.

lookatdesktop wrote on February 13, 2017, 11:54 PM

I have to agree. The weather used to be more predictable. I mean, just going back in time a few decades, I can remember October being colder in Dallas than it has been here lately. I find it hard to accept it as normal when yesterday, the afternoon temperature for February 12, 2017 was nearly 89 degrees in Dallas-Ft.Worth. There are pros and cons on the matter of either rejecting or embracing, the concept of global warming and global climate change while there are many who find it impossible to ignore based on the exacting information NOAA is giving us. NOAA is of course a very reliable source for global weather patterns. In fact I bet many meteorologists lose sleep at night trying to deal with the latest data and live streams they get from radar and satellite imagery. I have to give them credit for making weather interesting while actually playing it low key by not trying to make the general public panic when weather takes a turn for the extreme.

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