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Don't take your teeth for granted. They need loving attention every day of your life.

Brush your teeth, if you are lucky to have them.

Yes, I have lost many of mine over the years. At 59 years of age, I regret that I didn't listen to my parents when my mother said to me, Anthony, remember to brush your teeth, but I often just ignored them.

Dentists are hard to locate when you are on a budget.

I find that it is easier to save up and have a real live actual DENTIST who knows how to drill and fill or pull and plug or implant a new one in the place of a broken tooth.

I also find it difficult to predict when the next tooth ache from a fallen out filling will happen. By the time it does, the pain will make you wish you had been saving to pay for a real DENTIST with experience, not a student of dentistry at the local doc in the box.

So, while I save up to see a real live, experienced doctor of dental surgery or DDS, I have to put up with a tooth that pains me so, because last time I bit on a hard candy coated ball of bubble gum, it caused my filling to fall out.

Now I am having to deal with temporary solutions that have nothing to do with real pain management. Tylenol or Aspirin are okay and avoiding Caffeine like Coffee and Cola, is the right thing to avoid for now. But my advice to anyone who wants to avoid what I am going through with the pain and the having to wait until I have enough money to pay for a dentist, just REMEMBER TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH.

In the long run this will keep your choppers happy way past middle age.

Note. I read recently that coffee can wear away the enamel of healthy teeth, well, do you drink coffee regularly? Hmm. Not good.

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MegL wrote on January 18, 2017, 7:03 PM

I still have most of my own teeth. The problem as you get older is that get more brittle and the fillings they had can make parts fall off. Nowadays, i avoid toffees and hard nuts. I LOVE nuts but I now eat almond butter instead of almonds - love it!