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Saving as HTML only saves space on your computer.

Saving a page on the internet that you want to keep for future reading is as simple as a mouse click, but before you click it, think about the options:

Most browsers let you download an entire webpage complete with all of the extra tiny pictures and maybe even some java script that you really do not want or need.

Settings in your browser software are there for you to change them to your personal needs.

I like saving an online document to read later as HTML only, so that way my computer doesn't use all that extra space on the hard drive. A simple HTML document takes so little space it is almost nothing compared to saving a Web Page Complete.

Keep it simple:

If you want to save a webpage as HTML only, you don't have to save it's long URL address especially if the URL address is very very lengthy. YOU can always save a webpage as HTML by clicking on the option SAVE AS and rename the HTML document something simple like FLOWERS 001 and it will then be saved to your hard drive as FLOWERS 001.html and that way it is easy to back it up. If you noticed while some times you can not back up some files because the file name of a certain HTML document is way too long. Shortening it if the file is merely an HTML only file will allow it to be saved by any other name using a very short file name and this will make it easy for the computer to back it up when backup starts.

That's just a little bit for you to know so you can save space on your PC and also backup files by renaming the ones with long file names. Remember not to rename files that are .exe or .setup.exe files because they may not install correctly. The types of files you can rename are files that are downloaded as single files like .txt TEXT, or .htm or .html HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE and image files like .gif , .jpg , or .bmp and remember to be sure that you do not change the file extensions when renaming files. If for instance you rename an HTML doctument or HTML file, you be sure to only change the name of the file and leave the extension out. The format of a file is already known by the computer so when you change the name of one file for instance:

CapehornSites2016OffshorePics.jpg can be renamed CHS2016OSP and the file will be saved as

CHS2016OSP.jpg automatically, but if you forget and call the file by another file extension like .bmp or .txt or other, you will end up making this file unreadable as it will be referred to by the computer by another file type program that opens up that type of file by it's extension.

So renaming a file name only like: JabberwalkyByTheBay.html can be saved as: Jabber and it will become Jabber.html because the file extension was never changed when renaming it.

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MegL wrote on January 15, 2017, 6:12 AM

Useful information, thanks