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Should I buy a laptop or a new desktop PC?

I was having fun playing shape shifter, a game that is available through Gamehouse click on this link to learn a bit about some Gamehouse games that are not compatible with Windows 10 :

Gamehouse Information to know

You can never go a day without blue screen of death. You have to decide now:

1. Do I save for a new laptop?

2. Do I save for a new desktop?

3. Do I keep using my Fire HD8 Tablet?

4. Do I take my old PC with all those problems and pay 149.99 to get it checked out by a Geek?

My PC is now clean. I did take off the side panel and clean all the dust in the fans and around the casing. I put it back together and it is running but I still keep getting error messages when I try to download files from NVIDIA, ORIGIN, and even sometimes I get issues with blue screen and restarts for no reason except these following stop codes:




4/ PAGE IN A NON PAGED AREA - this is not really correct but I forgot the exact stop code phrase.

Do you wonder what a Windows stop code is? Well, do ya? Just check out the following links to get more than you are really wanting:



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MegL wrote on January 3, 2017, 12:39 PM

You might be able to get windows 7 installed clean, for that price but you would lose your old files unless you save them first.

lookatdesktop wrote on January 3, 2017, 1:29 PM

I saved many of my files on discs. The external drive was corrupted and had to be formatted, erased. HP drivers for my computer are no longer available because my computer is too old. I will have to buy a new computer just because my old one has run out of date. lol I am still using it but with limited functionality. I occasionally get the blue screen of death I have to use, for instance my Edge browser to watch Amazon Prime videos and use my email app on my desktop just to view and send emails from my pop3 server. Happy New Year. In any case, I would not even try to text using my Fire HD8 tablet. I will be saving for a new computer and I am going to be sure it is up to date, not going out of date.