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Writing a good article requires being able to get a good nights sleep then being clear minded to think up an interresting subject to write about.

I am too tired to write this even but ...

I think I owe an article to Persona Paper because I have been busy today doing everything except writing and so in spite of the tiredness of the evening, I will attempt at an article here.

I listened to Obama in a recording my wife took the other night.

I feel like when he was talking he was almost too exhausted to even speak. He paused long periods, in between words and seemed almost exasperated by the way things went what with the latest conspiracy about the DNC hack directed at the US by Russia.

Now the country is facing a dangerous Polar blast of cold.

The country is having problems keeping kids in schools and cars and planes moving due to heavy snow and extreme arctic - type weather, in some cases record breaking lows in areas that were recently experiencing much milder weather conditions.

It's getting closer to Christmas and I just want to say "Happy birthday Jesus"

Even though Jesus was possibly not even born in December, perhaps he was born on October 1st, for all we know, the people of this planet are spending way too much energy in trying to get into the spirit of Christmas by buying things. Remember that story in the Bible where people were buying and selling and Jesus became furious with them? Well, it's in there, some place.

Finally, the thing about being properly rested in order to think clearly and function normally, its a fact America needs some time off to sleep.

Since we are living in social media around the globe there are 24 different separate basic time zones and then some, that make it possible for somebody somewhere to be fully awake in his or her time zone while others try to do social media 24/7 and that can really take it's toll on a person, or a cat.

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MegL wrote on December 19, 2016, 6:08 AM

Sorry to hear about the Arctic cold, that's very hard to deal with. You're also right that trying to keep up 24/7 with social media is impossible.

lookatdesktop wrote on December 19, 2016, 2:40 PM

Yes, almost like a mental marathon. lol