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Three Ideas for Displaying Embroidery in Your Home

Embroidery is more than a hobby to pass the time. This form of art is a wonderful way to add visual appeal to the home and have something that makes the space a little different from every other dwelling in town. Deciding how to display the embroidered items to best advantage is one of the issues that enthusiasts often ponder. Here are some ideas of how to put those treasures on display and allow everyone to enjoy them.

Embroidery Under Glass

One of the more common approaches is to place the embroidered item in a picture frame. Frames come in all sizes and shapes, so finding one that is a good fit for the embroidered piece won't be a problem. Even if the dimensions are larger than the standard frames found at the store, it is possible to have one custom made.

Consider having a professional frame the embroidered piece. Doing so will ensure the frame is air tight. That will make it easier to keep the piece from yellowing as the years pass.

How About a Shadow Box?

If the idea of framing the embroidered piece sounds a little dull, why not think about mounting it in a shadow box? The boxes can be made using all sorts of materials, ranging from aged wood to different types of metal. That makes it easier to come up with a box design that fits in with the embroidery design and helps to connect it with the rest of the room decor.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Quilt Rack to the Rescue

Quilt racks come in more than one design. Along with racks that are free standing, there are also models that can be attached to a wall. The latter option makes it easy to mount the rack in a living room, bedroom, or other area with ease. Once the rack is in place, arrange the embroidered piece on the frame. This approach makes it simple to change out the pieces in order to dress the room for a season or a special holiday.

These are only a few of the ways you can make the most of embroidered pieces in your home. Ask around and you’ll find even more ways to ensure your beautiful work has a place of honor in your house.

Image Credit » Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

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MegL wrote on October 16, 2016, 3:00 AM

What beautiful pictures. Could you make the picture credit to the actual address on Pixabay please? I used to do embroidery as a teenager and early 20s. I stopped after my mother in law's dog sat under my chair contentedly chewing the other corner of a tablecloth I was working on!

lookatdesktop wrote on October 16, 2016, 8:16 PM

A very nice way to display a fine looking work of art. I enjoyed your article. Thank you for sharing your pic.

frankie2015 wrote on October 18, 2016, 5:50 PM

I do not do that much embroidery but I often do cross-stitch. I have a couple that I have framed but a few more are waiting in the shadows even though they are finished. A quilt rack would be perfect to display one of those. Thank you very much for presenting that idea. Also with your box idea I know have the means to produce more cross stitch samples to decorate a box. Again thank you very much for this post.