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Ethernet is that little yellow cable that connects your PC to your WiFi Without it your connection might die.

It does seem strange that my PC has a Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n

I have to move a PC from the man cave that is being converted into a bedroom and moved into an old bedroom that will then become my new man cave, but the outlet box is located on the wall where the new bedroom is to become and I thought, Hmm. I could pay $99.00 to AT&T and an additional $59.00 installation fee for the new wall outlet for the Ethernet junction.

I tried this morning to just unplug that little yellow cable to see what happens when I open up my internet browser. OOPS! no internet connection.

Plug it in ... plug it in!

I immediately plugged it back in and Funtastimundo! The internet came back in full force!

It will be a very tedious task to disconnect all the power cords to my desktop PC.

First I will have to decide if I want to run an extra long Ethernet cable from the WiFi which is plugged into the old man cave outlet via a little green wire, then run it across the hallway down the other side of the house to the doorway that leads into what will soon be my new man cave, or pay pay pay the AT&T tech guy to drill another hole through the outside siding close the the lower corner of the south side window and mount a new SECOND ETHERNET OUTLET BOX.

I will probably go with that even though it will cost lots more. Because I think using the solid ethernet cable, the YELLOW one, will provide security and the other ETHERNET outlet box will serve for my wife's new laptop that I will get her when I finish paying off that AT&T tech for the second outlet box.

They say you can run my pc like any other wireless computer if I want to.

Maybe. Probably. The configuration and such. I can go into the menu and see what kinds of configurations need to be altered to make my desktop PC become wireless or rather, ETHERNET CABLE free. But why take away from security? So I will probably go with the second HSI box in my new man cave.

What I have been watching lately besides DARK SHADOWS from the year 1966, is a NORTON video from YOUTUBE that is all about CYBER dangers and what lengths The black hats take to conceal their identity, location and content to host terrorist networks and other silent corporations who wish to keep their activities a secret from governmental prying eyes. A link to this on YOUTUBE .

So I am going to keep my computer safer by running Norton all day and all night, even if only to protect my WiFi from piggy back riders. If my computer can see the following then THEY are likely able to see me and that worries me a bit.

ATT7N****** Secured

Corona ***** Secured

NETGEAR *** Secured

WIFIBCCD ** Secured

in addition to my PC and my Printer.

They tell you THEY CAN'T SEE YOU but that's because the ASSUME those 4 listed in my internet access box are not black hat hackers or cyber criminals or just plain internet geeks.

Tonight I will not only turn off my PC after a complete system scan but ... I will turn off the power to my WiFi (Modem) and let's see them try to piggy back me. They might just have to start paying their internet phone bills. There is a program called: Who's on my WiFi and it is able to let you know if your WiFi is being used by an outsider. GO HERE TO READ MORE . and have a great day.

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VinceSummers wrote on October 5, 2016, 12:45 PM

I let my son worry about such issues, these days. I introduced him to the world of the computer. He now speaks their lingo. I use him for a translator.

lookatdesktop wrote on October 5, 2016, 3:34 PM

I tried to do things myself, usually it's touch and go, hit and miss, trial and error, with a lot more error. For instance, I enabled my computer's wifi then my printer stopped functioning. I reconnected my ethernet cable then I had to uninstall and reinstall the printer software before I could print anything from the internet. It took over an hour to correct. Now I am back at square one. I am connected to the internet via my Green Ethernet cable and I decided to buy a 100 foot long Ethernet cable in case I have to move out of this room and into another and keep the WiFi box in here. However, my wife hates the idea of me stringing cable along the wall to the other part of the house. I may end up paying 150 bucks to get the telephone company to just install a new box.

MegL wrote on October 5, 2016, 6:49 PM

I installed my own local network. I have a PC on the middle floor, my son has his pc on the ground floor and I can also run my laptop on the top floor, all from ethernet. Of course, I also have the wireless tablet. I didn't actually pull the cable through from one place to another - I let my husband and his friend do the dirty work. emoticon :grin: as it had to go through the loft. A couple of small holes in the ceiling and a wire up the corner of the wall and nothing else to be seen.

lookatdesktop wrote on October 6, 2016, 12:31 AM

I am unwilling to get into the attic for this and I will pay more just for the convenience of getting a Tech guy from AT&T to do the work when I am willing to pay for it. I am not too willing though.