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Phone Call: THIS IS THE IRS!

My wife was telling me of the scam phone call people have been getting lately that we have also gotten. She answered the phone, saying "Hello." Then there was this pregnant pause. After that she heard, "THIS IS THE IRS..."

Unfortunately, this phone call is a recording. Why do I say unfortunately? Because I would like to get the phone call and respond to it. But if I received such a phone call, what would I say?

I would say, "If you are the IRS, you'd better get off the line PDQ!"

What does that mean? It means you'd better get off the line PRETTY D___ QUICK!

Image Credit » Telephone - Image Pixabay

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MegL wrote on September 14, 2016, 6:40 PM

A recording! There used to be phone calls saying "This is windows, there are errors on your computer", etc and wanting to take over your computer so they could hack it. I asked a couple of these callers if they knew what they were doing was criminal and the phone was just put down. They won't bother with anyone who is on to them, they just go on to the next possible victim. CRIMINAL!