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Stomach Cramps? Try drinking warm beverages for a while. Avoid the iced cold ones.

I happen to enjoy ice cold tea and colas but ...

I have already been diagnosed with GERD so that added to my already predisposed tendency to be nervous I have experience what is known in the medical world as an esophageal spasm.

An Esophageal Spasm is both painful and alarming

It is triggered by eating and drinking with what you are eating either something very cold or something too hot.

I have had a life time of IBS with Diarrhea.

I stopped having much of the IBS-D symptoms when I cut way back on Lithium 450 mg 3 X a day.

I have gone as low as only taking one Lithium tablet a day and my diarrhea symptoms have gone away and my serum creatinine levels have gone down as well.

I know I have GERD but do not know as much about the Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I do know my older sister is a very nervous person like myself and she in fact has been diagnosed with both GERD and IBS. So since I am one of her siblings and in fact only about 5 or 6 years younger I believe I have enough symptoms, mainly caused by daily stress to fit that category.

So what do I do to stop having esophageal spasms?

I started chewing longer and do not have very cold beverages for a while. The pain that lasts long after the episode of a typical stomach cramp in my own case subsides unless I continue to eat fast and swallow very cold iced beverages. I found that when I take my medications I use room temperature water only and I have felt no pain since this morning.

My symptoms of GERD may never go away completely.

My actual weight is currently 213.2 pounds. I know of only a few things that cause this weight not to go down. One is of course the simple fact I like to eat snacks and at night past 9 PM. And the other is my problem with NERVOUS NIBBLING throughout the day. If I can cut back the stomach will shrink back a little bit and even the acid reflux will be minimized.

Upper Gastro Intestinal Test or Upper GI test will determine GERD

A substance called BARIUM SWALLOW is introduced by the patient drinking it, then with much difficulty not to burp from the pressure it creates in the stomach and the esophagus and you must lay on your side so they can X-ray your insides. The test is moderately difficult that is for those with GERD in the first place and moderately obese patients, but it does prove if you have GERD or not and what prevention or cure is warranted. In my case it was to lose weight, get moderate exercise daily and avoid coffee and cola. I have for the most part failed on all of these. So that is why I urge you to consider actually not doing as I do but do as I say do. Lay off the things that make GERD a constant problem with your health. If you can get the weight down, avoid spicy and super ice cold or very hot meals and eat in moderation you will thank me for it in the long run.

See you doctor and ask if there is medication like PPI, proton pump inhibitors for your condition to lower acid in the stomach and if there is a nutritionist who can point your personal life style in the right direction so that you will be able to minimize the pain that comes from both IBS and GERD.

Your life style changes can and will make a better difference in your daily overall well being.

look at this webmd link on Esophageal Spasm here.

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VinceSummers wrote on September 6, 2016, 3:54 PM

Lithium was once a popular cure-all for supposed bipolar mood disorder. But (and I speak frankly here) it was a "popular" mental disorder of the times, as "paranoid-schizophrenia" was before that. At one time, "multiple personality disorder" was tops in the popularity department.

MegL wrote on September 6, 2016, 5:23 PM

There is new information out about proton pump inhibitors - apparently, long term use can cause kidney failure.