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He Nearly Drowned And The Lifeboat Didn't See Him

Today Was Raft Race Day

Every year, the local yacht club holds the annual seawater swimming race and raft race, as part of the annual festival. They choose a date in August when the tide is full round about 1pm or 2pm. The swimming race goes first and then the raft race.

Rescue Boats Patrol The Course

The sea can be choppy and some people do not realise just how hard it is to swim about half a mile through cold sea water. Most of those swimming will be used to being in the sea and are wearing wet suits. Some decide at the last minute to join the race.

The Winners Had Already Completed The Race

I took one of my granddaughters to play on the beach and we watched some of the swimmers arriving. We walked along the promenade, then saw some local men running. They were of an age and size where the term "running" would not normally be applied. They were trying to get the rescue boat to see them. It was up near the winning post. But a lone straggler was way back and struggling. The boat turned and raced back bumping over the waves. I was glad i wasn't it it. They hauled the man on board and took him back to the finish line.

Spectators Saved Him

The spectators saved the day!

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melody23 wrote on August 8, 2016, 11:31 AM

We have a similar thing in my old home town, unfortunately the raft race which should have been saturday was postponed because of the weather. I am glad they saved the man, people really don't realise how bad the water can be.