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I will be voting Democratic straight up. No exceptions but the lady in the Dallas Library doesn't like me very much.

Suffice it to say, one lady librarian don't like me very much.

Why? Because I talk a lot. I always talk to the librarians when I go to check out videos or books and sometimes I bring up politics, the weather or the bad air conditioning there.

Most people there like me. That is, I think most of them do. I often bring books and magazines in contribution to their cause. But I had this book about Trump in my collection of items to be checked out, along with about 16 DVD and Blu-Ray movies. I was joking about Trump that "If he gets elected there will be many more McDonald's popping up all around the country 'cause Donald Trump likes eating those McDonald's fries."

Then out of left field the grouchy lady librarian says basically that she wanted ear plugs to another librarian beside her at the counter and said it loud enough so I could hear it. I was angry but maintained my sense of poise and politely said, "I am so sorry to have offended you. But I did not say I was voting for Trump. I simply am checking out this book so I can learn what makes him tick. Besides I'm voting Democratic this year anyway."

I will never check out my books or anything else by this particular librarian and if she continues to show rudeness towards me for "TALKING" while checking out materials, I will get her name and mention her to the main library's administrative office.

My wife was so offended by her remarks that she told me she would never go to this branch again. I told her I had to because it was close enough to home to pick up books and videos and that I would simply not deal with her or talk to her ever again. I am sure that would please her for sure.

As to who I am voting for. I am not voting for Hillary directly. I am simply voting my party. I do not like Hillary much and don't like Trump. There is enough reason to not like either candidate and I have had more than my fill of their double talk. It is a wonder nobody has suggested a third or even a fourth candidate to replace those two. I liked Ted Cruz and Liked Bernie Sanders but some called Cruz this and that and Bernie This and that too. It's been a bad year for politics. Perhaps a bad year all around. I am waiting for 2017 to hurry up and get here. Maybe things will be better, or perhaps worse. It depends on a lot more than who gets into the White House don't you agree?

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MegL wrote on August 6, 2016, 2:28 AM

By the time politicians get old enough to be able to run for high office, they have had plenty of times in their lives to do or say something stupid, like most of the rest of us. Politics being "the art of the possible" I suppose all candidates have to be able to work with a lot of different types of people and companies that they might not wish to if they were not in politics.

lookatdesktop wrote on August 14, 2016, 11:17 PM

You made some good observations. Yes, they have to get along with people they don't really like and Trump is likely the type who just won't stand for people he doesn't like and lets everyone know how he feels about other people on a frequent basis.