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John Swanson stood outside his hotel on the 7th floor balcony looking down at the city lights below him.

He was new to this place. It was his first night alone, away from the familiar, the comfort zone he had been living in for the past 60 years.

His former life abandoned, now on the run from those who wanted him dead.

There was little familiarity here in Chamberlain Heights, in a city just south of Tucson, Arizona on an August night.

He left behind a life in Dallas, where he had spent the past decade alone, a widower to a wonderful wife of over 45 years. He was himself 71. He had to run. He had no real choice. He had made some people very angry. He was not running from the law, but rather, from those who opposed his views online. He had made many friends but unfortunately he had made some enemies. They were out for blood. They blamed him for being the sole perpetrator that changed the results of who would be elected for a group of Congressmen who were totally against fracking. John managed to argue the bad aspects of fracture drilling for natural gas in an area that would have destroyed thousands of acres of prime farm land and it's underlying water aquifers.

John had written so many articles against fracking in his life that he made many enemies and now he had to lay low, having abandoned his former life for one that was secret. So far his new identity had kept him alive for the past few weeks. It was hard to get away from his past but even harder to adjust to a life that would be like starting all over from scratch. He would have to either get a job at his age or try to spend the money he had saved in the bank for the past 35 years to hold him over until he was able to go back to his real life, but right now that was a remote concept.

He was online for a few hours, looking to see if anyone missed his old self. Yes. Many were asking, Where is John? Haven't read any posts by him in several days or even weeks. He hasn't posted on Facebook or Twitter. It was hard to just disappear once your virtual life had taken up so much of his past life.Breathing the clear and crisp night air, John realized the air was cleaner here then it had been all that time back in Dallas. And the stars were very visible in the cloudless night sky.

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MegL wrote on August 2, 2016, 5:25 PM

Hard to start all over again at 71 but if you believe strongly in something .... and want to stay alive .....

lookatdesktop wrote on August 2, 2016, 10:16 PM

I managed to get stumped at that point.

MegL wrote on August 3, 2016, 2:26 AM

LOL. If you haven't been on the wrong end of the law to know how to get the papers, etc, it might be difficult. Maybe some of his friends who won the election might help?