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The Texas Summer of 2016

Texas, my home state.

The picture in my article shows exactly what Texas is all about, a vastness of open land and sky where storm clouds bring heavy rains on a land that is thirsty and a state that is large enough to fit several New York States inside it's borders.

The state of Texas is known for it's being called the Lone Star State. Also it's state flower is the Bluebonnet .

There are several geographical regions within this one massive state .

At the Texas State Fair they cleverly created nacho chips in the shape of Texas. The life of a Texan means living large, wearing a cowboy hat if you want and having ambitions as wide as the big country that signifies the abundant nature and vastness that is Texas.

The Dallas Cowboys are first and foremost the favorites of everyone who live within this area of America. The Dallas Mavericks are the State's Basket Ball team. Then there's the Texas Stars , my favorite Ice Hockey team ever.

Finally, there is simply Dallas , my home city. It is the city with no limits. It is vastly integrated with several ethnic and religious people and is also home to many Christian Churches and organizations.

For a listing of churches in Dallas, click on this link: Find churches located in Dallas, TX.

About the Weather of Texas for the year of 2016:

2016 Long Range Weather Forecast for Texas-Oklahoma

And those oil wells, Well. Take a look at this: Oil Wells of Texas

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MegL wrote on July 7, 2016, 8:41 AM

That's amazing to have one state so big. The UK could fit into it several times over.

lookatdesktop wrote on July 7, 2016, 2:49 PM

And so much of this space is being fracked. I wish they would stop that. The wide open spaces need to be left alone for future generations.

MegL wrote on July 7, 2016, 3:45 PM

Yes, and they are trying to bring fracking over to the UK too. Leave that oil where it is. We all need to learn to do with less.