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The good old days ... AOL and my first Personal Home Page.

I started my first adventure on the world wide web back in the year 1985. "You've got mail" was the well known saying for America On Line and Windows 1.0 was also begun in November of that year.

I arranged internet services with my 14.4 baud modem analog of course, and it was served through the then current Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Through the ordinary land line telephone wire outlet I was able to connect to the same wire that my phone was connected to. My first Windows PC was a Packard Bell. It had an awesome new Windows 3.11 for work groups installed with the original Packard Bell Navigator.

I found out that I could create my very own personal home pages for free using Netscape Composer and get the page hosted by Southwestern Bell. The reason my email address has never changed is to let others know just how long I have had internet services. I was there at the get go.

My first real job at Herman-Blum consulting engineers afforded me access to their computers that at the time were no more than big reel to reel monsters and the only form of copy they had at that time was basic ammonia based blue print machines. They also used a teletype machine to get printouts from the corporate offices.

My sister had a job long before me in One Main Place and she showed me the computer room there and it was a very large room with several dozen tall reel-to-reel type computers that looked as big as refrigerators today.

When I decided to try my hand at personal home pages, before they were later called blogs, I bought a book called SAM'S Teach yourself HTML-5 in 24 hours. I read all of it and was able to create HTML code before finding out all along there was a basic HTML editor called Composer, which was part of the then popular Netscape Navigator aka Netscape Web Browser.

It was part of the package that came with my new Desktop PC with Windows 3.11 for work groups.

It was what was known as Netscape Communicator Suite, a Mozilla owned software. In this special package was all I needed to get a new PHP personal home page running.

I was fortunate to have, at that time an early version of Corel Draw and Corel Photopaint for Windows that worked fine with earlier versions of Windows at the time so I was able to play around with graphics for my images to put on my PHP site. I never at the time wanted to use ads. At that time it was just fun to get page views. I used a free service to keep track of people who visited my pages and this site is called Sitemeter. There are pay versions as well. The code had to be copied and pasted to every single page especially my index.html or main page of my PHP.

When I started getting page views I knew I was in this for the long haul. I tried at one time to use a special code for people's comments in a guest book but due to spam I decided later not to have a guest book because other people abused it all too much and at that time viruses were just beginning to be known to even exist. At that time instead of Facebook, I went to CHAT ROOMS and they were never properly monitored or mediated so many people abused them and created lots of trouble for themselves.

Any way. I liked doing this and now I am living in the 21st Century and about one out of 10 people I know have a computer and one out of 5 who have one actually use them for social media.

Many people I know refuse to use any kind of social media. They are literally fearful of it.


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MegL wrote on June 23, 2016, 3:37 PM

That sounds very similar to my introduction to computing. We used to have a ZX81 and a ZX Spectrum, which had programs on tapes. My first real computer had a 25 MHz hard disk! And again, Windows 3.11 I didn't have any web pages in those days. I taught myself HTML off the internet with Joe Burns, I think his name was. I wrote my first web pages in laborious HTML using Notepad and then progressed to CSS. Then it was Serif WebPlus, which is drag and drop and nowadays most of my websites are Wordpress.

lookatdesktop wrote on June 23, 2016, 4:51 PM

I had already become very comfortable with my Netscape HTML composer so I never bothered trying one called Dreamweaver. I think they call it Adobe Creative Cloud at this time: =KKQTJ&mv =search&s_kwcid =AL!3085!3!97572155563!b!!g!!dreamweaver%20adobe&ef_id =V0JRpQAAATwRkSsR:20160623205325:s