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A friend don't leave you hanging.

Fair weather friends

What about the bad weather?

How about when your friend calls and tells you "I don't have time to talk now, I will see you before noon." and it's 9:23 AM. That means I have to remain in a state of waiting just so my friend can come over sometime in 2.5 hours, and that's just to pick up a package. Meantime it's like that. A friend don't leave you hanging.

I feel more like I am in a business relationship. I order 2 CDs from Amazon for that friend. Said friend doesn't seem to have the initiative to order their 2 CDs from Amazon themselves and would rather pay me ten extra dollars as pay back just so they can prove to me I was there for them since they needed time to unwind from work and that since I was not working I shouldn't mind it very much since I have seemingly all the time in the world. This is not so. I may be disabled and not working but I don't lay around the house drinking beer all day and gaining weight. I know they make over 100,000.00 dollars a year. I know they travel once or more a year to far off countries.

I know they can talk over the phone to relatives afar and even my friend likes to call once in a while and talk over an hour but when it comes down to actually visiting me and my wife at our home, this friend takes every bit of 15 minutes to stop by, sit on the sofa, chit chat, take a few sips off the coffee I provided then pick up the package and be out the door like we had a contagious disease, called poverty, I guess.

Yes, we live in an old house, almost 95 years old, and the floors creak in some areas, and the oak tree out back needs to be cut back before it falls on our roof. We live on a street that has 6 lanes of traffic and it is like living next to a freeway.

But is it more because I am poor? Do some people think it's easier to call you by phone or text you even rather than see you up close and personal in your home, face to face? Is that because they feel themselves that their time is more important than my time? I have been left hanging all too many times to a point I am not that happy about any future meet and greets so be it. I am glad we speak over the phone instead of meet in person. Perhaps that is the best way for a fair weather friendship.

Friends who say they are your friend who treat you like you were a mail courier for Amazon Prime is in my opinion taking the meaning of friendship to an entirely different level.

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MegL wrote on June 5, 2016, 6:22 AM

I feel like that with my "kids" sometimes, we get all sorts of parcels to our door. But we don't have to wait in for them to collect them because they all have keys!!! I know what you mean about fair weather friends. emoticon :sad: