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Update on Life

So upon hearing of Persona Paper shutting down I looked online and decided to make a new blog on blogger ( However, I kept checking in on this site and noticed it still kept running which leaves to ask what's going on? As much as I would hate to see Persona Paper to come to an end as Bubblews did, I am curious as to if this site will actually continue or if it will meet an end as well.

I also noticed that many others seemed to do the same as me and leave when the notice that Persona Paper was coming to an end was posted, which has put a damper to this community that I thought was growing ever so strongly. I wonder what the future holds for this site. I hope things will turn up and the owners of this site will be back on their feet and be able to make profit from this site which in turn will allow us to continue to blog, make money of our own, and grow into a strong community.

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MegL wrote on June 3, 2016, 2:50 AM

The site still keeps going with a few people popping in from time to time. I certainly hope it can resurrect itself.