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Escape Artist - A Tiny Terror Story

Back Yard

We have a back yard attached to our house. A yard in the UK, is usually just an area with a hard base, whereas in the US, I believe it is what we would call a "garden". It's where I hang the clothes to dry in good weather and it has the oil tank and a plastic coal bunker where we keep coal for a fire on very cold winter days. It's useful for letting small children play in because it has a quarry tile base, so it isn't muddy in wet weather and it is enclosed with a waist-high (adult) wall and has a gate that can be secured. While it slopes, there is a large level concrete base, where we used to keep the old coal bunker for when we had open coal fires, many years ago. The picture shows our back yard from the outside. The picture was taken 13 years ago, before any grandchildren had arrived but you can see the clothes drying on the line and the oil tank near the shed. One of my sons was into making garden boxes at the time, which is why the picture was taken.

Sand Tray

The concrete base inside the yard has a large sand tray on it. It was bought some years ago for our oldest granddaughter. She loved playing in it, making tracks for cars to run on and mountains with tunnels through them. Many a plastic dinosaur got buried out there! The sand tray could be seen from the kitchen sink if I had the door open, because it was visible between the door and the jamb. Alternatively, it was very restful to sit on the top step at the back door because it faces south and you could get the sun while watching a small child (this is Northern Ireland, you catch the sun when it's there!).

Tiny Terror In The Sand

The tiny terror likes the sand pit, not for pushing cars around, making tracks or building tunnels but because she can throw the sand around! She also explores other parts of the yard that the other grandchildren didn't or don't, like the drains and bits of coal from the bunker. I was keeping a closer eye on her than I would have on her cousins and just as well. She got bored of the sand pit and decided to climb the coal bunker. It's surprising how many good hand and footholds there were. By the time I rushed out, she was almost at the top of the bunker, which was level with the top of the wall and could have fallen or jumped over the top of the wall.

Play Ground

The playground has a conical climbing frame with a crows' nest. The "steps" are made from rope, so they take quite a bit of energy to get up. She has already mastered the art of getting up them and has to be stopped from going higher!


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lookatdesktop wrote on May 9, 2016, 4:29 PM

From what I see someone was in the middle of doing some gardening with that bag of organic mulch. I can't really make out much in this picture. Except that the green box appears to be a planter box of some kind with a trellis for a tomato plant or perhaps a climbing rose, I would expect.

bleekley wrote on May 13, 2016, 10:41 PM

I like learning about life in other countries.